Why Israel Failed against Gaza

Ever since the Israeli expulsion from Gaza Hamas has taken control over the Gaza strip effectively turning it into a terrorist strong hold for the last 13 years.

Under the Sharon administration with a terrible idea of leaving the Gaza strip and turning it over to the Palestinian Authority and ethnically cleansing all of the Jewish people who once turned the Gaza strip into a real economy even providing jobs for Palestinians.

A civil war between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas started which ended with a Hamas victory over the corrupt secular government.

Ever since Hamas has literally throw Fatah officials off of roofs to their deaths Gaza has become a serious thorn in the side of Israel.

By firing thousands of rockets into Israel, mortars, sniper fire and constant attempts to breach the fence in order to murder Jews there is no sight to the end of the conflict in the near future.

Yet, as Hamas has continued to shoot at civilians every conflict that has arisen has been met with more Israeli constraint.

Five years ago was the last ground invasion Israel launched against Gaza resulting in the deaths of a thousand Gazans and 67 Israeli soldiers.

Ever since Israel has done as much as possible to avoid war by having Iron Dome and having soldiers on the border with Gaza to prevent fence breaches.

Hamas has become stronger and more disciplined and has even developed longer more powerful missiles with the ability to overwhelm Iron dome to the point that this time around Israel has suffered almost as many casualties as the Gazans.

Israel cares so much about world opinion that every time there is a war there are international condemnations throughout the world.

BDS becomes stronger and the push to hurt Israel economically is strengthened even more to the point where companies like Microsoft and Amazon would consider withdrawing their business dealings with Israel.

Eurovision coming to Israel in the next few days is bringing in a lot of money to the economy with many hotels and retail establishments putting in a lot of money.

One of the greatest things that Israel’s enemies would want to do is to completely stop Eurovision from happening in Israel because of the economical damage it would do to the Jewish state.

Netanyahu is concerned about making Eurovision happen in Israel because a war would definitely chase away all the tourist and effectively cancel Eurovision in Israel.

This would be a major defeat for Israel if Eurovision in Israel would be canceled and a significant win for Israel’s enemies not to mention the incredible amount of money that would be lost that many businesses put money into.

Even with the small amount of casualties that the Gazans have suffered 23 dead there are still politicians like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who constantly blast Israel for defending themselves.

Rashida Tlaib tweeted responding to a New York Times article calling Gaza terrorists militants responding,

“When will the world stop dehumanizing our Palestinian people who just want to be free?” Tlaib wrote. “Headlines like this & framing it in this way just feeds into the continued lack of responsibility on Israel who unjustly oppress & target Palestinian children and families. #FreePalestine.”

Israel left the Gaza Strip over ten years ago and allows things like food and resources into the strip. They live their lives like anyone else and yet just because the New York Times calls terrorists militants they are somehow dehumanizing Gazans?

According to the Daily Wire Illhan Omar also spoke against Israel and supported Hamas for their attacks on Israel.

Regardless of what happens there will be no real ground invasion or war unless there is a major Hamas attack of rockets on Israel that would lead to a large amount of casualties that the Israeli public will no longer stand silent and will demand action.

Our enemy to the North is watching what happens in Gaza and if we do not act with overwhelming for Nassrallah will continue to believe we are not willing to fight and he will see us as weak eventually opening up to two front war like in 2006.

War is only going to be delayed again with the ceasefire and there will be more ceasefires in the future until Hamas will be so powerful that Israel will no longer be able to ignore them.

About the Author
Shlomo was born in Florida and moved to Israel in 2012, he holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science, served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda battalion and is a current reservist in the Golani Brigade.