Why Israel Should Pay Close Attention to What North Korea Just Did

When President Trump’s tweet bragged about having a bigger nuclear button than North Korea, many on the left as well as the political class in the media lambasted the move, insinuating that it could escalate tensions with Pyongyang to a world-ending nuclear war.

But as it turns out, Trump knew exactly what he was doing. That’s because North Korea has recently agreed to meet with South Korea, but more importantly, even agreed to denuclearize if their regime’s security is guaranteed. Did you hear that Israel? All Trump did was tweet a veiled nuclear threat and Kim Jong Un has all but waived the white flag!

So what can Israel learn from all this?

Before we answer that, let’s take a quick look at how Israel responded to a nuclear threat from its nemesis to the north — Iran.

When Israel caught wind of Iran’s nuclear plan, they enacted covert operations to kill the program. This includes the assassination of nuclear scientists and hacking into their system with the infamous stuxnet virus. After Obama’s administration leaked the computerized attack, the Jewish state felt that the only way it could curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions was to rally congress. That failed too. So basically, Israel tried every trick in the book except for the one thing that worked — threatening to nuke Tehran.

Intimidating the Ayatollahs is a cheaper and more effortless solution to denuclearize Iran than any of the ‘games’ Israel has played until now. More importantly, as we have just witnessed, it seems to be the only solution that has succeeded on an international scale.

There’s no guarantee that it’ll work as well for Israel as it did for America but then again — why not try?…What have we got to lose that we haven’t already?

About the Author
David Sidman is a candidate in the Zehut political party, Israel activist and contributor to He is also a professional dog trainer. You can follow him at @theIsraeliShow