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Why no one cares if Israel is right about Iran

The insignificance of catching Iran red-handed.

israel's bibi netanyahu and iran's rouhani accuse each other, march 11, 2014 via oyvey

It’s hard to be “right” anymore. In a world flooded by PC language, historical revisionism, bald face lies in the guise of diplomacy, and sensitivity training to not offend the most offensive people on Earth, making your political point is hardly worth the effort that it once was.

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There used to be a time, not so long ago, when you knew objectively and even instinctively who were the good actors and who were the bad actors.

And then people, especially in the West, started to give moral equivalence to just about any argument, and even more so if that argument was completely in the wrong.

That sort of clueless reality is the product of awful media, and terrible education systems, which give little weight to history, and focus more and more on basic literacy, math and science as the keys to earning an education, in the hopes of joining the legions of cogs in industrial parks and hi-tech centers around the world.

Apparently not enough students in the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s have bothered to learn what is maybe the most important lesson in history, and that is: Know your history, or be doomed to repeat it.

And as it is now March, and the weather is still Wintery across much of Europe and America, you can blame Groundhog Day’s own Punxatawney Phil for the sobering reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And finally, there is the old crying wolf syndrome. Even if Israel only actually cried wolf each time it caught Iranian agents red-handed, with weapons from Tehran bound for Hamas terrorists in Gaza or Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon, the regular, routine nature of it has dropped the story from front pages of newspapers faster than you can say Rouhani.

Then again, if anyone in Tehran had studied the historical lessons of the Jewish holiday of Purim, they would know that this is an especially bad time of year for Persians to be plotting against the Jewish nation. So, sometimes it’s good when your enemy is ignorant?

Full disclosure: In addition to stripping comic characters and attempting to write with wit, Yasha Harari has worked for a number of media and political organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.


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