Why Trump’s Attempt to Win Over American Jews is Likely to Fail

The United States is undergoing a massive change, and a lot of the changes are not good. President Donald Trump has flip-flopped on issues since his presidency began. Many of these issues are filled with hate.

Trump spent time in Las Vegas earlier in the month meeting with Jewish Republicans.

Some cheered, but many questioned the words that were coming out of the president’s mouth. Sheldon Adelson was there, and for all that don’t know, he is one of Netanyahu’s biggest donors. He’s also a casino magnate.

With that said, many in the crowd were pro-Israeli.

Trump kept using phrases like “you,” “your people” and “yourselves” during his speech. “How did you support the Democrats?” He even stated that if the Democrats were to win the 2020 election that it could “leave Israel out there all by yourselves.”

Trump was speaking to American citizens at the time.

He even stated “some of your people,” when discussing tariffs. Setting all that aside, he also said, “I stood with your Prime Minister at the White House,” when discussing Golan Heights. Many are outraged about Trump and his use of “your” when speaking to the Jewish community.

Many members of the Jewish community are pro-Israeli, but many American Jews are focused on issues in the United States and not Israel. Jewish and Israeli identity are different, but Trump has tried to blur the lines between the two.

Trump, in 2015, addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition in the same manner. He went as far as saying “you’re never gonna support me even though you know I’m the best thing that could ever happen to Israel… You want to control your own politicians.”

As a non-Trump supporter, it’s important for all Jews to question why the U.S. president always seems to segregate the Jewish community. In the same 2015 address, he said “99% of us in the room are negotiators,” but the crowd cheered instead of gasped.

Trump has a way of using stereotypes when talking to the Jewish community.

Hillary Clinton won 71% of the Jewish vote in the 2016 election and Trump received 23% of the Jewish vote. Gallup’s most recent survey found that these figures are roughly the same, with 71% of Jewish respondents disapproving of the president. During the mid-term elections, this figure swelled to 79% who all voted for Democratic candidates.

Jews have a liberal view for most agendas, and this includes immigration, in which many Jews can relate. It’s the Jewish community that has spent the majority of time fleeing persecution and seeking a safe harbor.

There are some in the American Jewish community who share Trump’s views on Israel. But Trump has, as we have seen in the past, attacked several groups when it was a benefit for him. He attacked Congresswoman Omar when she made a statement that some Jews have dual loyalty with Israel and the United States. Yes, the comment could be seen as anti-Semitic, but how are Trump’s words any different?

The president refers to the Jewish community as “you,” claiming “your Prime Minister” and isn’t this the same as assuming that the Jewish Republicans in the crowd have dual loyalty?

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