Why we should let every Jewish child don a keffiyeh

Complete disgrace..

South Africans, I urge you to get your facts straight, or else you may be just as responsible for the rife Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism we are witnessing from our haters abroad, especially in SA!! Of course it is painful to see the deaths of so many Palestinians, BUT when a Jewish representative (-head boy!!) of King David Victory Park- an Orthodox Zionistic school, and SRC representative goes and dons a Keffiyeh and declares his support of the Palestinians.. without initially making an effort to rationally examine the causes for such mass killings.. this is in no way acceptable!!I don’t care if you are liberal and left-wing, radical right wing or “middle” moderates.. you have no right to present one-sided facts, and it serves neither us Jews and Israelis nor the innocent Palestinians under the oppression of Jihadist Chamas rule, any justice whatsoever.

Now, if you see anyone who is presenting such distorted opinions.. you better inform them of the truth before these groundless statements make an impact on others…

Don’t just dismiss these happenings as minor outrages.. they do influence the unaware, and as a leader of King David, a teenager who may presumably be looking to draw attention, form peer pressure and so easily achieve his goal as adolescents tend to crave such recognition… – this is very dangerous.. especially to” liberal-Zionistic “youth groups, as they name themselves..( who shall go unnamed here).. as they falsely educate young youth and may arouse such a humiliation to the Israeli and Jewish nation… and King David for that matter.

[See: Can Habonim please explain this video]

Bnei Akiva – you as a Zionistic youth group, headed by well- educated individuals have the power to influence the mindsets of the confused and misled teens of King David, Herzliya, Public schools or whatever they may be.. This type of thing should in no way be tolerated, and I believe that you really can change such negative representations of Israel, in the same way that you educate your own channies, even though they may be more willing to listen!
I’m perfectly happy to speak to anyone who wants to know facts from Israel and the Hebrew University, as well as from Israeli media and other sources….. but I’m pretty sure you guys know enough..Feel welcome to follow my blog on the Times of Israel too for more facts..

This writer also depicts the Israeli and Jewish conflict in such a compelling and frank manner, and I am sure it would be loved by teens, as he uses their ‘strong’ language in order to engage his readers.. Follow ‘Eitan Chitayat’.. he is really brilliant, pro-Israeli and so educated and well informed !!

Additionally, I am sure you guys are aware of the Palestianian group that has unfortunately filed a case against Dean Goodson, a CT volunteer in the IDF. He is in fact the brother of a girl I made Aliya with. This is an absolute outrage, although I am not surprised – just judging the ANC and ANCYL’s prejudiced view of Israeli matters. There must be something we can do about this!! I know tons of volunteers who haven’t made Aliya and are currently serving here.. what will happen if they do achieve their goal in prosecuting such innocent Zionistic boys, how are or soldiers meant to come home?!!!!!
[Please see.]

I would be happy if anyone could tell me exactly how we can stop such unjustified prosecution! How does the ANC have any right to strip a person of his own self determination, to which he is democratically accredited?! How is this being stood for when our political leaders can be tried for much worse ‘crimes’ ?!!… if I can even term serving in the IDF as a ‘wrongful act’… How long are we gonna wait til these corrupt, ignorant and vengeful leaders destroy the Jewish and Israeli community?!

This should not be stood for! It’s one thing when they go and embezzle the state’s money and rob SA citizens of housing, food grants, proper healthcare and user friendly roads.. not to mention many many other things…. What about addressing the immense poverty and injustices already abound in SA before they start interfering with another state- as if they can run their own country…
BUT it is something completely different when they go and interfere with a state they know nothing about, and condone terrorism.
The ANC may have started as a Terrorist Organization, but it by no means should be practicing or supporting such terror, unless it is has some constructive intent. The Apartheid is over, whether they like it or not. Yes, we allow for affirmative action today in order to correct past wrongs, but this does not imply instituting laws to negatively harm white South Africans… This was not Mandela’s ideal. His legacy should not be defiled, as the ANC are unfortunately doing today – with their foolish attempts to create justice in the world, and overlooking their inherent national injustices. What am I referring to ? Oh Zuma and the Nkandla case, and Malema and his embezzlement.. the fact that Malema still has power over the ANCYL after being dismissed… The fact that we have as our leaders – those that have not attained any academic knowledge to base their beliefs- those that shape South African ideologies and doctrines.. those that fuel the ANCYL and BDS and pro-Palestinian parties.

[Just for laughs, see]

So amusing…
On second thought.. no ways is it amusing – it is scarily uncanny, however satirical and comical it may seem. You can see what an impact this ignorance is creating. You can see at Wits University, in the ANCYL, in parliament, and even in King David (of all places) – what effects this is having!!!
I am overseas, and I can even see it!
I have always voiced such opinions but this is really taking it too far now – you do not have any right to start persecuting the Jews, as the National party persecuted the blacks. Mandela would not want this, even if he did go and support the PLO.. this does not go along with his “ideal.. for equality” [Rivonia Trial- “I am prepared to die”].

This does not portray the true reality here in Israel. We are by no means condoning the deaths of innocent lives. However, we are for eliminating terrorism, as we have every right to be doing. We are not going into the West Bank and killing civilians, we are firing into Gaza, as we have no choice, otherwise by now neither I, nor the rest of us would be here right now… No joke… if you see how many tunnels were dug in order to come and kill us civilians.. the terror attacks here in East Jerusalem – where I study…, the endless rockets, the Jihadist doctrines…

And then – Josh, whoever you may be, although no head boy of King David in my eyes, go and read about how Chamas is using human shields.. go and read how much care the IDF takes in warning the Gazan civilians to evacuate their homes. Why, might you ask do they not adhere to these warnings? Either, because they want to represent more ‘innocent Palestinian casualties’ to the world, or Hamas are threatening them if they so much as dare budge an inch!
… Or since Hamas has bombarded the whole of the miniscule Gazan strip with their tunnels, arsenal and terrorist schemes, whether in hospitals, UN schools, in houses, and of course , I shall not leave out the fact that their own children are happily used as human shields – as they represent the “Shahid”, a holy messenger of Allah, and therefore, do not have any problem with his death,nor the death of any others..

Of course, this does not represent every Gazan civilian; yet all those who support the radical Jihadist terrorism of Hamas. Unfortunately, some have no choice other than obeying their demands..
I feel for every innocent Gazan exposed to this war, to this baseless killing and massacre, that has unequivocally been brought about by Hamas – with no precipitating Israeli attack…
Israel entered Gaza in defense, not as a pre-emtive attack!!!

[See] – This article shows that despite the high toll of political casualties – the statistics show that they are mainly terrorists (half) and otherwise men between 20-27 or so.. and the minority is Gazan infants and women…
Food for thought, huh?
What do you say about that former head boy of KDVP?!…

So student representatives and King David learners who follow this young KD student, should wake up and read the news – not just CNN or Al Jezeera.. If they are to represent the student councils, they should be worldly, and should be making use of multiple sources in making public statements. However, the reality of the matter is that sadly these statements made by those that have not attained academic degrees are unreliable – they are not based on facts, rather strong and somewhat distorted and unfounded beliefs and opinions – yet, I assure you, they are far more powerful than academically based arguments.. far more compelling and blood-stirring!!!
This too applies to each and every one of you upon making public statements, as well as to the SA officials.. However, I have no power over any of you ,nor over them… I just am so sick and tired of seeing all this. Enough already!!

You could say there is war in Israel, but at least we have the wonderful IDF to defend us.. Yet, overseas, you guys are the defenders of the Jewish communities of the diaspora. That is why I urge you to go about informing whoever you can… before this gets even more out of hand!!

Your rallies are beautiful.. they make us all proud to be South African.. to see your Zionism, belief and firm support of Israel! I just don’t know how we are gonna change the minds of our governors..
There must be a way though.. That is why you, Bnei Akiva and Yeshiva College and King David should now go and open discussion groups with creative young minds in school and out.. in social gatherings so that they can contribute and take part in Israeli awareness initiatives..

I have immense faith in you.. supporting you all the way from Jerusalem as a former Yeshiva College student and Bnei Akiva maddie..
If anyone wants more details on anything.. feel welcome to inbox me

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I am an olah chadasha/ new immigrant to Israel from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am currently a student for Communications, Journalism and English Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have background studies in Social Work. I have been living in Israel for two and a half years. When I first arrived at 18 years old, I did national service - Sheirut Leumi in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Gush Etzion. Afterward, I went on to study at the Rothberg International School of Jerusalem in order to be accepted into Hebrew University. For the past two years, I have also been living in the dormitories of the University, situated in East Jerusalem, right next to many Arab villages - not necessarily the most peaceful of places to live. I hope to educate and inform the public of life in Israel from an insiders perspective, as a student. I would additionally like to raise the public's attention to various issues of welfare and human rights violations that we face within the media and in the Social Work field , that often go unreported or are misunderstood.