Let’s Boogie!

Of course Ya’alon is right. The negotiations between Palestinians and Israeli’s are not about peace, they are about John Kerry’s presidential ambitions. The guy had plastic surgery done on his face as soon as he became secretary of state last year. What kinda guy has his face reconstructed at age 70? You think he wants to go dating?

This is about him becoming president, it’s always been. In the sixties he spent 3 months as an officer in Vietnam. Just enough time so he could get the hell out at first opportunity and make a political career out of denouncing the soldiers who served with him. Of course this is about him becoming president. And he’s perfectly willing to sacrifice others to get there.

Despite not making any progress Kerry is declaring at every opportunity that peace is at hand. That’s his desire talking, not his common sense. There is no chance Palestinians and Israeli’s will ever agree on the core issues of Jerusalem and the refugees. But here he is happily declaring a peace agreement will be signed soon. Why? Because he doesn’t care about Israel or the Palestinians. He cares about being president. He’s even willing to suggest a third intifada if things don’t work out. The personal ambition of this entire undertaking is just breathtaking.

So is his desire for revenge.

To prove what kind of guy he is -how he rolls- Kerry is not only hinting to Palestinians that they should resume killing Israeli’s. He is also pushing European countries to boycott Israel in case those damn Jews prove to be unwilling to destroy themselves to advance his presidential ambitions. Yeah, there’s a man you can trust. All he needs is a scar on his face and an Italian accent.

Oh I forgot, that’s going to ruin his face job.

What a team. While Obama blows up the Middle East, Kerry sacrifices small nations to himself. Hey if they ran a TV show they could call it “No survivors”!

So? Should Israel go along with it? Signing peace with Abbas does not mean peace with Hamas or any of the various Palestinian groups in Lebanon. It achieves nothing, it doesn’t halt Iran’s nuclear bomb, it doesn’t end hostility to the Jewish state. Israel will have to vacate Judea and Samaria, accept thousands of Palestinian refugees, decapitate itself by giving up Jerusalem, evacuate hundreds of thousands of settlers and for what? A promise of peace no Arab is willing to keep and an endless stream of Jihadi’s from all over the world who will attack Israeli civilians at any opportunity.

Oh but we’ll get a President John Kerry! And here I was thinking peace had an upside. But that’s of course not what the peace process is about.

If you think that’s a good deal I have a few other suggestions for you. How about letting a rabid dog gnaw off all your fingers for just € 25,95? Special deal, just for you. You’ll get a free decapitation thrown in as well. How ’bout that ey?

Well at least over at Haaretz they think it’s all worth it, because after all John Kerry has great hair. Seriously. Money quote: “Kerry’s height and great shock of hair are reminiscent of some of the early U.S. presidents: Upright, full of energy”. Geez, get a room.

By the way, dear reader, if you accidentally clicked on the link please don’t get a subscription at Haaretz. Just kill yourself ok? It’s less painful.


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Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland, I lived 10 years in Israel where I experienced the collapse of the peace process. J now reside back in Holland. I've published in Trouw and Volkskrant. My parents were Holocaust survivors. They taught me the ideas on which I base my articles.