Will Israel destroy Hamas?

No, even if it hypothetically can.

In the beginning I’d like to extend an apology to my readers. I am fully aware of the fact that I am repeating the introduction of my previous post, but this repetition is vitally important for understanding this post as well.

So first, Hamas was established by the security forces of the state of Israel. This was done as part of the Western doctrine and ideology that opposes all secular or semi-secular military or political organizations in the Arab world. The main objective of Hamas establishment was to weaken the PLO, prior to Oslo agreements. Second, Hamas is a terroristic movement and their terror is not directed only against Israel, but also against their own people. The major characteristic of Hamas as a terroristic organization is targeting and killing civilians, which is typical behaviour of all terroristic organizations.

Hamas is vital for Israel, and for those who think (or are sure) that I wrote nonsense, I will try to convince them otherwise with three interrelated and interconnected logics. First, if you understand Hebrew, please listen to Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich saying very honestly: Abu Mazen (PA leader) is a burden for Israel but Hamas is a treasure. Second, Israel can not live without enemies, real or imaginary. The PA and Abu Mazen have peace treaty with Israel, without forgetting that this “peace” is sick, mainly because Israel wants it to be so, but this issue is to be discussed in future blogs. On the contrary, Hamas denies the very right of Israel to exist, and yet, Smotrich as most of the Jewish Israeli public, perceive Hamas and an ally-enemy. Hamas is in Gaza and the West Bank, so it is “readily available” enemy. It can be “activated” when Israel pleases, which explains the fact that since the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza (2005 Disengagement) there were 4 major wars, and endless clashes. This environment is the best method to sustain cohesion and unity among the Israeli Jewish society, which otherwise, suffers severe internal hatred. It is more than enough to remember the horrible phrases of some Sephardi Jews about the holocaust, sayings of orthodox Jews about LGBTQs and seculars, and on the top of all that, the hatred expressed by right-winged demonstrators against leftists and the supreme court. The efforts of PM Benjamin Netanyahu to put Iran in the position of the ultimate evil and unite the Israeli public around this banner have completely failed.

Third, the clashes with Hamas ensures the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which enables Israel to maintain a large army with very advanced weapons industries. Both sectors employ hundreds of thousands.

With the very fundamental facts that Hamas was founded by Israel and it will never accept the very existence of Israel, and with the three mentioned above logics, its easy to understand why Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised to destroy Hamas even when he was opposition leader, he is the Israeli leader that always saved Hamas and transferred the bags of money from Qatar to Gaza.

On a minor scale, the same pattern of an enemy-ally can be observed in the relationships between Israel and Aljazeera channel. The fiery declarations of Israeli leaders and public against this channel gives the impression that this is one of the fiercest enemies of Israel. But it is not a secret that practically, Aljazeera supports the Israeli positions in all regional conflicts such as in Syria and Yemen. Aljazeera, exactly like Israel, considers Iran the worst threat to humanity.

For my deepest sorrow, after this round of war, Israel will help in reconstruction of Gaza, with the cruel and aggressive leadership of the terrorists of Hamas, with horrible anticipation of the next round. Israel brought Hamas to the world and Israel is carefully protecting it.

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Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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