Will the real racists please stand up?

There was a time, not so terribly long ago, where the favorite European pastime was rounding Jews up for murder. And nope, those were not just Germans. Just about every other European nation, to some extent or other, partook in that orgy of torture and murder and by all accounts, had a ball doing it. The Polish topped it all off by putting a post-war spin on it, unleashing pogroms on the preciously few Jews who managed to return from the extermination camps. Having looted the abodes and earthly possessions of the deported Jews, seeing them return alive really spoiled their day.

Europeans have excelled at especially one thing over the past couple of hundred years: Enslaving and colonizing those who were different from themselves (i.e.: Not white) and exterminating those, who did not willingly submit to their will. News flash to all, who mistakenly believe that European Jews are “White”: They’re not.

But what d’ya know! Only little more than half a century after the United States dug the genocidal Europeans out of their black holes, the latter have miraculously clawed their way up a purist ivory tower of supreme moral high ground from which they proceed to preach to the world. Sorry, my bad. Not “the world”. Israel. That place that Jews like to call home. Funny how history likes to serve up those small ironic twists, eh?

Now, any good European with the best of intentions will tell you that this is not true. In fact, one such European, the Danish ambassador to Israel, recently told an Israeli audience that Israel ought to be grateful, no less, for the double standards that the Europeans apply when they preach to Israel. Countless Europeans along with him will tell you that Jews suffer from Holocaust syndrome – I have always found this line of reasoning particularly precious: Blaming the victim for the atrocity – and that they see anti-Semitic ghosts everywhere.

Swarms of European journalists, editors, opinion-makers, politicians and so-called intellectuals, persist in stubbornly and indignantly claiming that anti-Semitism, in fact, has ceased to exist in Europe. Anti-Semitism, they claim, is just a tool in the hands of the Jew, who conveniently brings it up against anyone who happens to disagree with him. They are merely “anti-Zionist” – and they state this, as if it’s something to be proud of.

Now, in a way you have to give it to them. Anti-Zionism is a pretty cleverly thought out concept. It lets you hate the Jewish nation, while pretending to not hate the Jew (well, maybe just a little bit). The concept owes its tremendous popularity to that venerable international organization, pinnacle of international justice and universal loving human kindness to all (well, almost all), namely the UN General Assembly, where sometime back in the 1970s a resolution was passed equating Zionism with racism. The concept does require a tad of intellectual back bending, but it’s plain to see, why it has gained such traction.

However, returning to the non-existence of anti-Semitism in Europe, which has in recent years seen a spate of anti-Semitic (oops!), and indeed murderous attacks, rape and robbery, and a couple of near-pogroms in the capital of liberté, fraternité and egalité – well, if you say so. I’m all for calling a spade a spade.

So let’s call you out for what you really are, dear Europeans: You. Are. Racists. Taste that word. It should feel familiar on your tongues, since you use it all the time against others. You might not be anti-Semites; in fact, I’m sure that your best friend is indeed Jewish (wink!) but that does not make you any less of a racist. Why?

You see, singling out one nation on the entire planet for vilification, delegitimization and boycott, like you do the Jewish nation of Israel, is racism.

Denying only one nation in the entire world, Israel, the Jewish nation, the right to exercise self-determination and protect itself against those that wish to annihilate it, is racism. No matter how many Holocaust memorials you host on European soil (several of which actually banned any mention of the Holocaust or Israel this year!) Jews like to stay alive, just like yourselves, thank you very much.

Supporting the terrorist organizations that would like to see all the Jews at the bottom of the Mediterranean is racism. Pouring billions of euros (and dollars, but I digress) into Hamas’ coffers in Gaza so that they can have another go with Iranian missiles at Jewish civilians is actually not just racism. It’s aiding and abetting terrorism, which happens to be a criminal offence in most European countries these days. Oh, but I forgot. The European Court of Justice took care of that by removing Hamas from the terror list. How convenient.

Pretending that the terrorist acts against civilians in Israel – and increasingly in Europe – don’t happen is racism. Just because you don’t report it in your newspapers, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. A very recent example: The firebombing of an 11-year old Israeli girl, as she was driving with her father.

Cozying up to Iran, the prime genocidal regime in the world hell-bent on exterminating Jews, (if you saw the drool on Catherine Ashtons chin at any of her tete-a-tetes with the Iranians, you’d think she was hanging out with Brad Pitt and not a gang of bearded old mullahs) is racism.

I could go on, but I’m certain that most of you get my general drift.

Nevertheless, to the trolls out there, who will be crawling out of their dark holes around the internet right about now to spew their racism – know this: Zion was here, way before you even knew how to dream of civilization and it will be here long after the world has forgotten you. Ponder that and get over it already.

About the Author
Judith Bergman is a writer and a political analyst. She holds degrees in International Relations (The London School of Economics and Political Science) and law. She lives in Israel.
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