Will You Shut Up, Man

“Will you shut up man;” “you blew it;” “it is what it is because you are who you are;” and “I’m not here to call out his lies, everybody knows he’s a wild,” were some of Joe Biden’s reactive lines, in response to how aggressive Donald Trump’s attitude was in the first debate for the 2020 presidential election. Trump appeared super aggressive, trying to take all the time allocated in the debate, including time for Joe Biden though. It seemed that Trump had carried out almost all of Rudi Guiliani’s advices, to be tougher against Joe Biden, considering that the situation would be very different from the debate when Trump faced Hillary in 2016, as Rudi conveyed to the American media, the day before the debate began.

However, Rudi’s suggestion seemed less effective. Trump’s overly aggressive attitude, which always interrupted almost all of Biden’s allotted talk time, made the debate a boring event on the one hand, but also made Biden seemed to enjoy the game even more in the other hand. Biden occasionally provoked, but Biden managed to show the original character of Donald Trump who is aggressive, tough, selfish, and lacks focus on problems, which is certainly very unfavorable this time for Donald Trump’s success team. The debate, was not successful in delivering the strategic messages of the two candidates on the one hand, but managed to become a spectacle for character wars between the two of them on the other.

This debate has succeeded in showing the real figure of Donald Trump, whom his opponents have described as “a fighter with a killing instinct,’ who fits right in the category of “killer.”  Of all the biographers of Donald Trump, at least I have ever read, they agree with this “killer” category. For this category, the Fred Trump senior chosed Trump as the successor to his royal property, rather than his (late) brother, Fred junior, father of Mary L. Trump, author of “Too Much and Never Enough”. That are the character in line with Fred Senior, who was thought to be able to raise and continue his business empire, namely, violent, cruel and “murderous” instinct.

After his brother was knocked out of his father’s succession options, Trump realized he was the last option. Therefore, to sharpen this “killer” instinct, Trump agreed to accept the decision when Fred senior sent him to the New York Military Academy. In this school, Trump first started building land to raise his mentality and character. Trump dared to oppose seniors with a stick, then formed his own association, which later became the object of his bullying character. This period was a period of formation of his competitive mentality, with the character of “bully” and “killer.” Trump by all means will make all of his members obey the way he wants. Cornering, insulting, bullying, personal assault, and so on, are the techniques that have been Donald Trump’s daily routine since school days, to stay superior and to be obeyed.

This character then met the sly and cunning style of Manhattan phenomenal attorney Roy Cohn in the 1970s, when Trump debuted in New York, and won the battle for the transformation project of the Commodore hotel, the iconic New York city. His name rose at a very young age, thanks to financial support and connections from his father, even from Roy Cohn. Until the age of 34, in an interview, the topic “being president of America” ​​came out of his mouth

The Donald fought with many people and figures, including with Ivana, his own ex-wife, Ivanka’s mother, who at that time began to look more popular than Trump. Trump does not accept the twin suns in his kingdom. Until finally the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, the biggest gambling center at that time, was declared bankrupt, then after that almost all banks in New York were no longer willing to cooperate with the Trump Organization. In some investigations, these were the early days when Trump had been in contact with several Russian parties for a cash injection.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, from a young age, has been fighting against people who have a character like Donald Trump. Because in his childhood, Joe Biden experienced symptoms of difficulty speaking, so since entering a Christian school, Biden has been walking from one bullying mouth to another, both from teachers and seniors. Growing up in a family that was in economic disarray, Biden had to negotiate many things to stay afloat and climb the ladder. Biden fought very hard, struggling to improve constantly and struggling to make all external pressures a challenge to face, not abandon. The first result, Biden became one of the sports stars in his school and campus. Then Biden also became the first child in his family to enter college.

Until finally, to fight against this increasingly harsh environment, Biden plunged into politics, entering a contest to sit as an American senator. Unmitigated, at a very young age, Biden challenged the incumbent who was also close to President Nixon at that time, Caleb Boggs, twice as governor and twice as a senator. Capitalizing on his admiration for Kennedy and his closeness to the black community, Biden met with the right moment, namely the moment of the civil rights struggle in the US in the 70s. Without a political family background and big name, Biden descended from community to community in Delaware, greeting and hugging everyone he met.

So, in the end, Trump’s aggressive character, if not carefully displayed, will actually become a game for Joe Biden, who he has been dealing with since he was a child. The words “will you shut up, man,” which later became famous after the debate, are a description of how Joe Biden is not a “sleepy” figure as often described by Donald Trump. These words represent a tough character, who is not in the least willing to be dominated by someone like Donald Trump. Although the debate is not a dominant determinant in guiding the direction of American society’s choice, but debate can be a performance arena that will show the original character of each candidate. So in the end, this debate is only about a few words, namely “will you shut up, man !!”

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Doctor of Sociology from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia. Defense and Environment Observer.
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