Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


How do you win a war? When you win with yourself.

How do you win with yourself? When you banish doubt.

How do you banish doubt? By realizing your true self.

Every Jew has a G-dly soul, a part of G-d. This is the Jew’s true essence. And just as G-d is all powerful, so too when we cleave to G-d by studying the Torah and doing Mitzvoth (fulfilling His commandments), we will be victorious.

Amalek attacked Israel right after the Jewish people left Egypt. Amalek knew that G-d had just performed miracles, bringing a nation out of Egypt, splitting the sea, drowning the Egyptians. Amalek knew that G-d had done all this. But they didn’t care.

So G-d commanded the Jewish people to wipe out Amalek. Because Amalekites won’t listen to reason. They are thoroughly evil.

Nowadays, Hamas incorporates the spirit of Amalek. They know G-d, but barbarically rebel against Him and against His people. They must be eradicated.

Because the war against Amalek is a war to save humanity.

And the way to defeat Amalek, is by defeating the spirit of Amalek that sometimes affects our own psyche. Chassidus explains that Amalek has the numerical value (gematria) of ‘sofek’ — doubt. So the way to defeat Amalek, is to banish self-doubt. By being true to our essential selves, our G-dly soul, we will defeat Amalek. By being true to G-d and obeying His commandments, we will be victorious. We will annihilate the evil that is Hamas, and we will usher in a time when G-d will “remove the spirit of impurity from the earth,” (Zechariah 13; 2) with the complete Redemption with Moshiach.

The Jewish people have awakened to their Jewishness. We are united in our efforts to destroy Hamas. And we have become more aware of our Jewish souls and our connection to G-d.

By wiping out Amalek, inside and out, we bring Redemption close. May it happen very soon.

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