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With Israel at War, Unity is Essential for the Nation’s Strength and Resilience

For illustrative purposes only. Licensed Envato photo. Used with permission.
For illustrative purposes only. Licensed Envato photo. Used with permission.

Israel’s diversity of opinions, beliefs, and ideologies is a testament to its democratic spirit and commitment to free expression. From Tel Aviv to Haifa, from Kiryat Shemona to Eilat and everyplace in between, Israelis passionately debate issues ranging from national security to social justice, each voice contributing to the rich tapestry of national discourse.

Israel is renowned for its vibrant democracy and diversity of opinions, public protests and political activism. Those values are ingrained in the fabric of Israeli society, perhaps more so than any other nation on Earth. Such expressions of civic engagement reflect a passionate commitment to shaping the country’s future and upholding democratic values. However, amidst this diversity of perspectives, it is crucial to recognize that unity—especially at a time that Israel is at war—is essential for Israel’s strength and resilience.

Unity in the Face of Adversity

While diversity of opinion is a hallmark of democracy, it is also imperative to acknowledge that unity is a force multiplier—especially when confronted with significant external threats and challenges. As we witnessed with horror on October 7th — the 50th anniversary of the devastating Yom Kippur War — Israel’s very real enemies will exploit internal divisions. They view constant expressions of discord as a lack of national unity and cohesion that is the foundation of national security.

Shared Values, Collective Strength

What they may not recognize is that at the heart of Israeli society lie shared values that transcend political and ideological differences. Respect for human dignity, a commitment to democratic principles, and a dedication to Israel’s security and prosperity are fundamental pillars that unite Israelis from all walks of life.

The Imperative of Dialogue and Understanding

In navigating the complexities of Israeli society, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding is paramount. Partisans across the political arena must exemplify listening to diverse perspectives, engaging in respectful debate, and seeking common ground as essential steps towards bridging divides and promoting national unity.

Looking Forward: Building a Resilient Future

As Israel looks to the future, the imperative of unity cannot be overstated. By transcending partisan divides and uniting behind shared values and aspirations, Israelis can strengthen the nation’s resilience, fortify its standing on the world stage, and ensure democratic values are meaningfully expressed at the ballot box and then through the people’s elected representatives.

Unity: The Bedrock of National Resilience and Strength

While diversity of opinion enriches Israel’s democracy, unity is the bedrock upon which national resilience and strength are built. Let us celebrate differences while recognizing the power of solidarity in safeguarding Israel’s future. By coming together on behalf of shared values and aspirations, Israelis can forge a path towards a more secure, prosperous, and unified nation.

In unity, Israel finds its strength and its future.

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Seth Eisenberg is President of the PAIRS Foundation, a former At-Large chair of the National Writers Union, elected labor leader, and pro-Israel activist. He is an author of Instructions for Intimacy, The Laundry List of Relationship Mishaps, Knots and Double Binds, PAIRS Essentials, Warrior to Soul Mate, PAIRS for PEERS, and the SHALOM Workshop. He can be reached via LinkedIn at
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