Without a Vision, Israel Risks a Future Imposed

Despite all and despite what I keep reading…No; it’s not ‘time to hit them hard.’ In fact, yet another random, spontaneous but mutually deadly ‘war burst’ is an exact component of Hamas and their sponsors’ war of attrition against Israel.

It is also a means that keeps Israel’s remarkably dysfunctional rotating hard Right governing coalitions in place. That these two dynamics continue to coexist reflects an almost symbiotic relationship which threatens all…far beyond Israel and the Territories alone.

We also can no longer fight another of Netanyahu’s personalized wars pursued for his own survival or, far more importantly, one which will kill even more Israeli military and citizens for no purpose.

If the IDF needs to ‘hit them hard,’ it must only be to win decisively. It must be to take Hamas OUT of Gaza once and for all while forcing the reorganization of the dictatorial PA. A decisive win by the IDF wmust also prioritize a single unified election for the Territories rather than tolerating the internecine factional warfare which serves to further brutalize already brutalized Palestinian citizens.

Above all, such a significant military action will demand the Israeli nation and military’s full scale commitment and readiness to do what must be done but with humanity still a part of the draw. And this is doable but only if political and citizen will is strong. More soldiers and civilians will die. Many Palestinian citizens will die.

But we also can’t just ‘hit them hard’ to make us feel better in the short term. Doing so MUST only happen with NO other alternatives present and when pursued by those other than the deeply co-opted Netanyahu. Above all, Israel needs an authentic and honest vision for those outcomes leading to a future that reduces – ends – the probability that the status quo; the never-ending cycle of kill and be killed will continue.

The status quo cannot be sustained for very much longer regardless.

The people; the Palestinian citizens living in the Territories, as opposed to the corrupt, murderous and untenable dictatorial leaderships of both Hamas and the PA, must be a coherent part of Israel’s vision. Despite hard Right, sometimes violent, delusions in both Israel and the US, Palestinian citizens are not going anywhere. In that so many other competing external visions are fundamentally collusive with Hamas and the PA, if Israel doesn’t honestly and authentically identify a future workable vision, who will? Who else can?

And if Israel doesn’t do it, a future may wind up imposed on Israel without Israel’s agreement. And that could presage a catastrophe…a catastrophe which reflects the agenda of key, sponsoring, Christian Zionist and Evangelical groups.

Not one person seems to have yet made the connection of the ‘high alerts’ as ‘Israel faces new threats on ALL fronts’ as all happening ONLY since Trump – the self proclaimed ‘King of the Jews’ – ascended to the White House bringing the same Christian Zionist and Evangelical sponsors who have been sinking huge amounts of money into Israel from Settlement projects and lobbying in Jerusalem, supporting Netanyahu and selected Haredi sects.

Not one person I’ve yet to hear or read has connected the fact that these same Christian Zionists and Evangelicals who continue to bolster Trump and Netanyahu (and those so aligned) are largely in pursuit of New Testament mythology for a ‘final battle’ in and for Israel – and Jerusalem (as they still continue to fight the Crusades) – leaving Israel in full charge of ‘biblical mandates’ thereby triggering the ‘Second Coming.’ This mythology is also not particularly friendly to Jews or the future of a Jewish Israeli nation.

This is all very real but, remarkably, remains largely overlooked. This reality is also becoming more deadly and potentially far more dangerous to Israel’s security and future than were the 1968 or Yom Kippur wars or present day Iran.

That Trump is now doing his best to create another false reality, this one of an anti-Israel; anti-Semitic Democratic Party is…nuts. Is it working?

Congressional Democrats have a large number of Jewish elected compared to two GOP elected Jewish House Members. And Jewish Senators have no counterparts in the GOP Senate. At the same time, groups of Jewish ‘liberals’ seem happy to push this Trump propaganda ploy which has put even more on center stage a couple of new members of the Democratic House who hold fringe, revisionist anti-Semitic beliefs while providing them with far more attention than they likely ever dreamed possible. Sadly, some of these same American Jewish ‘liberals’ are now helping Trump to push this debased – and flatly inaccurate – Trump fronted Christian Zionist agenda

So many continue to rail against Obama as having been ‘anti-Israel’ and/or that he was an anti-Semite when he was not remotely either but then push Trump as the penultimate ‘friend of Israel….of which he is not even close. When Trump declared himself ‘King of the Jews’ thereby taking that title away from Netanyahu, nobody even blinked despite the political insanity and, even, what should have been considered as religious blasphemy.

With Netanyahu now largely only trying to avoid jail for even a little longer, Israel has an even more dysfunctional government while still lacking any coordinated vision for its future…or the future of the Territories. It is in this setting that Israel ‘faces threats on all fronts.’ The urgency for a coherent vision is building by the day.

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I was born in Baltimore, MD and have since had a wide range of experiences including a year plus in Israel. I've been a progressive organizer, writer/media spokesperson, coordinator and freelance. I am a PhD level Clinical Behavioral Analyst specializing in severe behavioral need in children (and adults) and their families. I write through no ‘agenda or special interest’ other than being a passionate supporter of Israel and Israel's future.
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