Witold Pilecki: Holocaust hero, Polish martyr


Witold Pilecki as KL-Auschwitz prisoner, KL Number 4859, 1940


Witold Pilecki: Holocaust Hero, Polish Martyr. 


Grey flakes spewed from charnel chimney stacks,

human ash escaped from Auschwitz, inconveniently

smudging the local landscape, hidden diabolic deeds.


No desert burning bush commanded his commission

but Yahweh’s still small voice spoke in Sanctus bell

no choice – Pilecki’s mission to holocaust hell.


He accomplished arrest, got incarcerated in cruel industrial

camp, reported manifold deaths, verified all atrocities;

Der Fuher’s fascistic fury burned with fearless ferocity.


Inmates’ eyes dead-stared from hair-shorn skulls;

whip-shredded flesh meekly peeked from shapeless

sackcloth: the Twelve Tribes terrorized – genocide.


Sentry bullets failed to find their mark when Pilecki

escaped Auschwitz with much harrowing proof –

Europe strangely stood aloof, disbelieved terror truth.


Seemingly subdued all avenging angels, not an abdication

by Elohim –  faith soon fulfilled for long-oppressed Jews:

Jesse’s root replanted, God’s plan for Israel – sovereign nation.



Pilecki volunteered to allow himself to be captured by the occupying

Germans to smuggle himself into the Auschwitz concentration camp

to draw up reports detailing Nazi atrocities at the camp and establish

an underground resistance movement.


“Root of Jesse” is a metaphor found in Isaiah 11: 10

“In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples;

the nations will rally to him, and his resting place will be glorious.”

The term root of Jesse figuratively stands for Mashiach.

About the Author
Louis Hemmings has been writing prose and poetry since 1972. Some of his work has been published in Poetry Ireland, The Irish Catholic, Forward (USA) and Books Ireland. He is a late-life journalism student in Dublin, Ireland. He is married 38 years, has two boys, buried a stillborn and holds an ecumenical Christian point-of-view.