Women For The World

I’m not some loony feminist. Never was. Never will be. I know lots of good men and lots of good women. But have you noticed?

Just about all of the mass shooters in the US happen not to be women. From Sandy Hook to Las Vegas, from Columbine to a tiny church in Texas. They’re all men. Mostly white men, by the way. Maybe we need to build a wall after all. To keep out white men.

And the sexual predators. Wow! They’re all over. Many are shaking in their boots, fearing exposure, tsittering as we say in Yiddish. They’re in the media, big shots in business and the arts, and of course, starting at the top, in politics. One characteristic they all share: they’re all men.

You can’t make this stuff up. All of the predators and mass murderers are men. Think of how much shorter airport lines would be if we only screened men. Think of the end of the shootings if we took guns away from men. Think of the safety of our daughters if men actually went to jail for seducing women instead of the typical slap on the wrist.

Oh yeah! And spare me the apologies. I get very angry when I hear a predator apologize. Just once, I’d like to hear the apology before the public condemnation. It’s so easy to apologize. Dear Sexual Predator, I don’t believe your apologies at all. No one does. You got caught so you apologize? No sir. Not at all. Zip your lip……and your pants.

A few years ago a little boy was kidnapped and tortured in Borough Park, Brooklyn. He got lost and made the horrible mistake of asking a fellow Hasid for directions. We all know what happened. A horrible death at the hand of a lunatic. At the time a wise commentator recommended that we teach our children to ask a woman for help when they have a problem. Sage advice indeed.

On this beautiful spring-like day in central Israel, the peace of Shabbat has left us and we tune in to the mad world that confronts us. Our leaders, a word I use with a grimace of pain, in both Israel and the United States, are mainly men. And what a mess they have wrought. I really wonder if our world will even survive their evil thrusts for power.

And do you have confidence? In our search for peace, are these immoral mortals the ones to lead us? I don’t think so. What I see are power hungry men who sell their souls to the devil. Who can even recount their daily acts of infamy.

I have lots of very good men in my life. Lots and lots and lots I love them. But, it seems to me, that unlike the cream in milk that rises to the top, there are too many men who are bottom feeders. They are destroying our countries. They are destroying our lives. They are destroying the world.

For the sake of future generations, let’s give the mommas a chance.

About the Author
Rosanne Skopp is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of fourteen, and great-grandmother of two. She is a graduate of Rutgers University and travels back and forth between homes in New Jersey and Israel. She is currently writing a family history.