World, are you better off today than you were eight years ago?

In 1980, Republican candidate for president, Ronald Reagan, famously asked the American people, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Pretty much everyone was fed up with then president Jimmy Carter by that time, his presidency being as bitter as the sour, feeble-minded, unprepared man who conned just enough people to become America’s 39th president. That line along with the presidential debates acted as the, “OK, I can do it” comfort factor for voters to create the landslide that thankfully sent Carter back to his peanut farms.

President Reagan also once said, “The Democrats had gone so far left they left the country.” Sheesh, if The Gipper could see them now! They haven’t just left the country, they’ve left the planet!

We have been witness to a president and his in-lockstep party that is in full world stage retreat. And because of it, the planet has suffered. There is unabated chaos.

Complete and absolute, bloody chaos.

One horrendous terrorist attack follows another. There are a number of destabilized or rapidly destabilizing countries and areas around the world about which we rarely hear, if at all, because of how bad things have become since the United States abandoned the most volatile of places to the most vile of humankind. As if the word “human” could even be ascribed to the barbarians of our era.

And before the world could catch its breath after the Nice, France Islamic terror attack, there was an attempted coup of an important NATO member country! And we have watched as that country, Turkey, has become increasingly Islamic and undemocratic as it dragged its heals in the war against ISIS.

The planet is spinning out of control.

Sure, ISIS is finally losing a bit of ground in Syria and Iraq, but it has taken over new territories not just in the Middle East, but in Northern and Central Africa, and in Central, South and Southeast Asia. Islamic State influence has also spread worldwide. And territory is only part of the problem.

Forty-eight hours after President Obama’s post Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, detailed reassurance statement that we were advancing against ISIS in battle and choking off its funds, the president’s own CIA director, John Brennan threw icy cold water on that assessment.

“Unfortunately,” Brennan said, “despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach. The group’s foreign branches and global networks can help preserve its capacity for terrorism regardless of events in Iraq and Syria. In fact, as the pressure mounts on ISIL, we judge that it will intensify its global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda.” Wow, an Obama administration guy that actually gets it.

President Obama still doesn’t get it. He has shown he never will. The president keeps looking at symptoms, and not the disease for what it is. When addressing the unabated carnage, he just can’t utter the words, “radical Islam.” Instead, in addition to the usual “We will get them” rhetoric, he continues to push for economic and political reforms for those poor, suffering terrorists as if that is what is causing the terror.

A couple days after Nice, Obama said, “We will defeat these ideologies by offering a better vision of development and economic progress, so people, especially young people, have more hope and opportunity and are less susceptible to extremism and violence in the first place.  And we will continue to promote political opportunity and democracy so citizens have a say in their future.”

Uh huh. That is what Islamic State so desperately wants, “political opportunity and democracy.” Not a worldwide caliphate ruled by extreme Islamic Sharia law. Glad the president has that figured out.

After Orlando, Obama and the Democrats spent more time making the terrorist attack a hate crime and gun control issue than what it really was. More red herrings, less truth. By the way, the FBI found no evidence that the Islamic terrorist targeted the Pulse nightclub because of its gay clientele.

This whole Islamic State mess and so much more, including the destabilizing refugee problem, could have been prevented had there been a United States president more eager to engage and stay engaged in world affairs rather than in keeping campaign promises or creating a legacy for himself.

When he leaves office, President Obama will point to the P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal with Iran as one his successes.

Some success. Aside from allowing a most dangerous, hegemonic terrorist state to eventually arm itself with nuclear weapons endangering our allies and ourselves, and encouraging area proliferation, Obama’s claim that Iran could possibly become more cooperative and moderate, making the world safer, has been proven the kind of pipedream only foolish, myopic people could imagine.

A year after the deal, Iran continues with its ballistic missile development program and human rights violations, and has become even more aggressive, according to Joseph Votel, the head of U.S. Central Command.

The leading state sponsor of terrorism also attempted to purchase raw materials used for producing advanced centrifuges claiming such purchases would not violate the JCPOA agreement when the procurement and intent-of-use does. Snap back! Remember that? What a joke.

I didn’t think Barack Obama would top Jimmy Carter on being at the bottom of presidents in my lifetime. I thought he would be just like him. But I was wrong. He is worse, so much worse, emboldening our enemies while alienating our allies, and having enabled the creation of both nuclear and terrorist proliferation. The domestic situation in the United States has been no picnic as well, as has become quite evident.

Only nine months into his presidency, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize more in hope than anything else – that he would “enhance peace in the world,” his having accomplished pretty much nothing by that point. And that has gone how?

So world, are you better off today than you were eight years ago? The answer has been written in blood and tears.

About the Author
Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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