World of Warfare or Protective Edge? Israeli company pioneers virtual Protective Edge

Israeli computer technology has given the world a great many leading edge developments from the cellular telephone to methods of detecting illnesses with microscopic cameras.

In a development center whose national population is only 8 million, Israel has more NASDAQ listed technology companies than ALL of Europe with its 500 million population, and is leading the world in medical technology, science, internet technology, humanitarian and social causes, and energy re-use, however the nation is also well renowned for another type of technological prowess: the military.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has majored on technology for many years, partly contributing to the number of innovators who are alumni of the IDF’s R&D divisions.

With the launch of ET Gaming Pro‘s Operation Protective Edge video game, the two facets are merged.

Founded by Israeli officers, ET Gaming’s executives are bringing their experience into the gaming industry, the goal being in a non political way, to educate about Israel and give people the sense of what it’s like to “fight like an IDF soldier” in real life scenarios.

The purpose is to recreate historical events which pertain to the modern State of Israel so that players can re-enact them while learning about the history of the country.

I spoke to Tomer Chazan, ET Gaming Pro’s Product Manager and Founder and CEO and Founder Elazar Hertz Van-Spiegel in order to further detail the rationale behind the development of the game.

What is the ethos behind the game?

To understand what the soldiers of the Israeli army had to deal with during protective edge, the complexity of the fighting, the urban warfare, the challenge of the tunnels of terror and how selective they had to be while facing such a complex threat.

Who is it designed for?

“An audience who is familiar with FPS games, who identify with the fight against terror and want an interactive experience so they can understand and feel like what it was like to be in the real life scenario.”

How was it developed?

“During operation protective edge, we felt people are looking to identify and support Israel during this time and would need a way to express their concerns and support for Israel and the IDF – by trying to get in the mind of the soldiers fighting for the protection for Israel.”

Who are the people behind the game, what experience do they bring?

“The Company’s founders served as Special Forces unit, guerilla warfare and counter-terror unit combat soldiers for the IDF and have real life experience in what the war against terror is like. Following that experience, we designed the game to give people the sense of actually fighting terror in these real life situations.”

“We feel that video games out there today are based on theoretical scenarios and we are bringing a sense of history and education into our game by providing real life scenarios from actual events.”

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