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World to Jews: We Don’t Care About You

Well World, I have some words for you.

When you are not showing an immoral indifference to the plight of a democracy and its people who are being knifed to death by terrorists, you actually make a moral equivalence between those same terrorists and the innocents they kill.  This in and of itself is immoral, and because you have such a nitpicking repugnant obsession for a Jewish State to which you hold a much higher standard than you could never reach yourself were you ever to try, your words, actions and inactions are anti-Semitic, and it is Jew-hatred on its face.

In case you haven’t seen it, here is a video of a young Palestinian who says he is happy about a stabbing attack, “Because someone from my people, from Palestine went and stabbed Jews.”

World, I could bury you in videos of Muslim clerics espousing violence, but this one from October 9 is particularly opportune.  A Gazan Sheikh waving a knife exhorts Palestinians to kill Jews.  “My brother in the West Bank,” he shouts, “Stab!  Listen to what the Jews are saying to one another.  Form stabbing squads!  Cut them into body parts.”

Through your cowardly, holier-than-thou Jew-hating bodies, the United Nations and the European Union, and through naïve governments like the United States, you give the terrorists millions of dollars that if not stolen by corrupt leaders or used to fund terrorist activity, are used within Palestinian school systems to incite even the youngest to commit cold-blooded murder.

Now this from your Palestinian Authority (PA) hero, so-called “moderate” Mahmoud Abbas, in September: “We bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, blood spilled for Allah.  Every Martyr will reach Paradise.  The Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet.  We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.”

This incitement, these words of Jew-hatred – false by the way, because Jews have not tried to enter, and have no wish to enter, the Al-Aqsa Mosque – make it very clear that Abbas was calling for attacks.  And shortly after those words, they started.  And by the way, it is insulting and grossly unfair to label Israel’s response to continued terrorism, as a “cycle of violence.”  Legitimate defense is not comparable to illegitimate terrorism, but it is Jews who are being murdered, and as usual, you couldn’t care less.

Late last month at the UN, your PA “peace partner” Abbas said he would no longer abide by the two-decade old Oslo accords that other wonderful Palestinian leader, the father of modern-day Islamic terrorism, Yasser Arafat, agreed to observe.

And after a 13-year old terrorist, who stabbed and seriously wounded a 13-year old and a 21-year old, was stopped by a car striking him, Abbas claimed the attacker was “executed” by Israelis when in fact he was only mildly injured, and was actually receiving treatment in an Israeli hospital, from which he may soon be medically released, unlike his victims.

Funny, World, I didn’t hear you condemn any of Abbas’ pleasantries.  And this is not the first time he and his PA have uttered this kind of vile poison.  Not even close.

You refuse to recognize the obvious.  That Abbas’ Jew-hating lies about the Temple Mount and the reality on the ground, along with the Arabs’ refusal to accept any Jewish presence anywhere in any part of what was once known as Palestine, are fueling the violence, and NOT settlements or despair or Zionism or any of the other red herrings constantly brought up by those of you who chomp at the bit to vilify Israel.

It is a false Jew-hating narrative.  There were no settlements before 1967 when for many years, Palestinian Jews were terrorized and murdered by Palestinian Arabs on a regular basis.

World, Israeli youth, in fact all Jewish youth, are encouraged to educate themselves so that they can make our planet a better place for everyone. Only a couple weeks ago, students from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University were receiving accolades at MIT for finding a new method of fighting cancer based on genetic engineering.

At the same time, Arab youth Jihadists, incited to murder those same young people and their families, were driving cars into babies and stabbing grandmothers.  And only a few days ago, these so-concerned-about-holy-places Muslims were torching a Jewish religious site, Joseph’s Tomb.  Yes, that’s right, that Joseph.  From the Bible.  And it was not the first time the tomb had been desecrated.

And World, your rabidly anti-Israel media is so transparent, it has become pathetic.

Regarding the fire-bombing, this is how CNN originally reported it: “Joseph’s Tomb site catches fire in spate of Palestinian-Israeli violence.”  Nice. It must have been spontaneous combustion.

A couple days earlier, an MSNBC “eyewitness” journalist claimed Israelis had just shot an unarmed Arab and he was corrected on live television, when the news anchor using video and still pictures, showed the Arab had indeed been holding a knife.

Here is an article from surprisingly, the Wall Street Journal, sadly passing editorial muster even though the bias of its two Arab authors was abundantly clear.  “Israeli Police Fatally Shoot Two Palestinian Teen Attackers, Injure Two Others.”

The story begins: “Israeli police shot and killed two Palestinian teenagers and injured two others in Jerusalem on Monday after the four allegedly attacked Israeli civilians and officers with knives…”  Allegedly?  Maybe the Israeli police only allegedly shot the attackers.  No, that can’t be because those who killed the terrorists were Israelis.  And who cares about the many videos showing “alleged” attackers wielding knifes and thrusting them at and into innocent men, women and children?

I tell you what, those of you at CNN and the Wall Street Journal and the BBC and the Guardian and the LA Times and the New York Times and the Associated Press and MSNBC and all the other biased media liars, allow me to use your own journalistic standards by continuing with the Wall Street Journal story this way:  “After they were allegedly stabbed, the allegedly attacked civilians fell to the ground, alleged blood pouring from their alleged wounds as they allegedly died.  They were allegedly buried the next day as alleged family and friends allegedly grieved.”

Oh, and feel free to use this headline as many times as you like: “Israeli child’s face, neck, chest and stomach attack knife held by Palestinian.”

Truth be told, World, although we don’t like how you equate racist terrorists with Israelis, we Jews have learned for thousands of years not to expect much from you.  I am ashamed, however, that my own country’s government these last nearly seven years has been doing its best to not just make morally equivalent Israel and its terrorist enemies in the PA and Gaza, but US government officials actually bend over backward to accommodate those who hate Israel while jumping at every comment and movement any Israeli makes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu puts his foot in his mouth about the two-state solution and President Barack Obama goes bananas and doesn’t let up.  Abbas can say the most disgusting things, causing not just Israeli and American deaths but the deaths of his own people, and he can back away from peace agreements, and Obama?  Nada.

Instead, the Obama administration has used every opportunity – and words matter – to either chastise Israel, or shamefully thread the diplomatic needle, when THE PALESTINIANS ARE TO BLAME.

Secretary of State John Kerry attributed the Palestinians’ “frustration” to “a massive increase in settlements.”  Not only is this not true, but the Secretary of State seems to excuse the terrorism..

About Israel’s security forces, a State Department spokesman said he had “seen some reports of what many would consider excessive use of force.”  This ridiculous comment also lends credence to the “disproportionality” claim, many more Arabs killed than Jews.  The truth is while the terrorists want to accelerate their entry into “paradise,” the Jews have become much better at living than dying.

At a UN Security Council emergency session last week – not about Iran’s recent illegal launching of a ballistic missile, heaven forbid, making the P5+1, Obama and Kerry look even more foolish about the Iran nuclear deal if that was even possible – but about the violence in Israel, rather than defend Israel against nasty remarks, US UN Ambassador Samantha Powers used her time to criticize Israel for old, unrelated-to-the-latest-violence, nonsense.

Not only is the US administration’s equating Israel with the terrorists patently false and offensive, but it is exactly this moral equivalence that allows Abbas to say what he does, and the terrorists to do what they do.  They know there is the kind of “daylight” between the US and Israel that there has never been before, and so, the terrorists take advantage.

World, I know that if some of you don’t actually want us dead, many of you could care less if we were.  But, and I am not sorry to tell you this, Israel and its supporters, Jewish and otherwise are not going away. Israel will not yield to terrorism and it will not succumb to those who care more for Iran’s feelings than the people of the only democracy in the most incendiary region on the face of the earth.

We Jews choose to live.  And as much as this disappoints you World, you are just going to have to deal with it.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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