World, we’re sorry that more of us didn’t die

Yes world, we’re sorry that more of us didn’t die, as that was the root cause in your drive to bring Israel to her knees and castrate her.

As if Tinker Bell sprinkled magical pixie dust on the UN and the US, its leaders woke up from their slumber, suddenly cognizant of the thunderous noise emanating out of Israel. But it wasn’t the pounding of Hamas rockets into our population centers, it wasn’t the cries of our children, the suffering of our elderly, or the pain of over a million Israelis forced to live under rocket filled skies for over a decade.

No. More accurately, the UN, the US and most of the world were incensed to the suffering of Arab civilians in Gaza. Yet, no one seems to recall the fact that the overwhelming majority of the “innocent civilians” in Gaza voted Hamas to power, entirely aware of its agenda. No one seems to recall how Gaza Arabs danced in the street on 9/11 giving out candies to the jubilant passers-by. No one sees them cheer at the blood-shed of our children. No one notices when they summarily shoot their own people and then spit and stomp on their corpses.

And, rather than condemn Hamas for using their civilian population as human shields, rather than condemn Hamas for establishing their rocket launching pads adjacent to hospitals, playgrounds and schools, rather than condemn Hamas for utilizing residences to warehouse their terror arsenal, the world and it’s pathetic plethora of hypocritical blowhards treated Israel as the aggressors and cried their crocodile tears for the sake of humanity urging the cessation of Israel’s efforts to defend herself.

Indeed, in the wake of the world’s present day Orwellian posture, the following apology seems apropos. Thus, we’re sorry that we value life. We’re sorry that we take precautionary measures to protect our people and minimize fatalities. We’re sorry that we value our enemy’s lives more than they do, often endangering our own soldiers in the process. We’re sorry that we provide shelters for our children to escape Arab rockets. We’re sorry that our soldiers stand before our children rather than behind them. We’re sorry that we don’t stage-manage, aggrandize, exploit our wounded and capitalize on our casualties. We’re sorry that more of us didn’t die to your satisfaction.

For eight days, we did not allow ourselves to be torched and turned to ash. In your eyes, dear world, that evidently was our undoing and in a chorus of frenzy you protested from the bowels of your vacuous souls for none can stomach it when Jews fight back.

How auspicious it was for all of you that Israel’s current leadership is one that is so weak-kneed that it readily bent over to be sodomized by you. Undeniably, an opportune time to curry the favor of the Islamist conglomerate of terrorists before which you tremble.

But, know this…the days of the current circus of fools presiding over our Knesset is numbered. The vigor of Israel will return with a leadership possessing clarity, strength of conviction and the moral fiber to defy your twisted ethics that venerates evil.

We all have a judgment day, dear dwellers and leaders of this world. Yours too, shall come.

About the Author
Author of THE GILBOA IRIS (Gefen Publishing House) and SETTLING FOR MORE: FROM JERSEY TO JUDEA (Urim Publications).