Would Everybody Please Shut Up for a Minute?

There are two sides to every story. Of course I have a hard time seeing the side of the militant terrorist group which has sworn to wipe out my people, but they do have a side. There is a reason they hate us and want to destroy us, however valid or invalid it may be. There is a third side to this story which cannot be ignored, which is the side of the Palestinian civilians of Gaza who are being used as human shields and are blockaded into Gaza thanks to Hamas’s clear and present┬áthreat against Israel.

It seems fairly obvious that if one side says “We won’t stop until you are destroyed” the other side would be kind of idiots to say “OK so let’s have a cease-fire. We’ll stop defending ourselves and continue taking care of your people whom you have been using as human shields and depriving of resources since you need those resources to rebuild your terrorist infrastructure with which you plot to destroy us. Oh, what’s that? You need more cement? Here you go….”

Yes, I am aware that this is an extremely simplistic take on this situation, but it’s only just a brief summary and you may feel free to disagree with my take on the matters at hand. The part I hope you will agree with is the following:

Israel is considering a cease-fire. We have accepted several, in fact. Our Prime Minister is between a rock and a hard place. What is he to do? By now our brave protectors in the IDF have taken out many of the terror tunnels and weakened Hamas, who continue nonetheless to terrorize the civilians of Israel and their own people with rockets and misfired rockets. There are two sides to this story as well.

If Prime Minister Netanyahu decides to back down now and call a cease-fire, it will only be temporary. When Hamas rebuilds in a year or two we will be back on the dance floor doing the same old tired dance. But it will put an end to our soldiers dying for our lives and an end to the Palestinian victims of Hamas’s “human shield” strategy. For now.

If Prime MInister Netanyahu decided to push forward, go further into Gaza, and really take out Hamas completely, the cost of human lives will be just unbearable. On both sides. But it would stop a brutal terrorist organization for (hopefully) ever and give us a real chance at peace with our Palestinian brothers.

This is arguably worse than Sophie’s Choice. It’s a decision to cost many lives later, or to do it now. It’s a decision to risk the lives of Israeli citizens in the future by allowing Hamas to rebuild their terror tunnels or have a horrific and bloody fight to the death now. I do not envy the position of our government.

We are all entitled to have our opinions, but there is no way to know definitively what is the right call here. There is just no way to know. All we can do is shut up for a minute about what our own opinions are and say “Israel, we support you. PM Netanyahu, I may not have voted for you, but whatever decision is made, whether I agree or disagree, we, as a nation and country, stand behind you. We respect the difficulty of this choice and we are here with you, mourning the lives that have been and will be lost in the name of Peace and in the name of freedom for the Palestinians in Gaza”.

Especially this time of year, with Tisha B’Av approaching, Jews worldover must strive to stand together as a People. Even though our political opinions and even sometimes religious beliefs may vary to the extreme, we are still one people and we must learn to unite. It’s ok for people to disagree with one another and have opposite opinions, but that doesn’t mean they can’t respect one another and get along.

About the Author
Ester made Aliya from the great city of Seattle, WA and since then has been a proud resident of Givat Shmuel. She has many opinions, all of which are correct (just ask her husband).
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