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XOXO, Gossip (Israeli) Gay


He’s only been online for a few weeks, and has already become a familiar name in the Israeli gay community. Dor Kishon’s alter ego, ‘Dorit Ha’homoit’ (‘Dorit the Feminine Gay’), is the latest real-life gay version of the hit TV show Gossip Girl, only instead of posting gossip on privileged young adults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City, Dorit posts about Tel Aviv’s gays. “I started my activity at the service of the community at the beginning of June 2014,” Dor told Tel Aviv’s Time Out magazine. “The fabulous traffic arrived a few days later, after I realized I have to tag the right fabulous gays who follow me.”

Where did you get the idea for the character?

“Facebook is flooded with characters and profiles for all subjects and matters, including Israelis and gay communities and stuff. I was amazed to find out that there’s still no character for the admirable Tel Aviv gay scene, so I took things into my own hands.”

Dorit has rules about the stories she publishes. She focuses on who she calls ‘interesting people:’ 200 likes and above for a profile picture, 150 followers or more. “These people have posted at least 5 selfies of a new hairstyle in the past month, or have been on the VIP list on at least 2 party lines in Tel Aviv,” she told Time Out Tel Aviv.

Do you know all the guys you’re gossiping about?

“First of all, I’m not gossiping. I’m informing. Secondly, I know them all. Some better, some less well, some of them might not know me – but I’m familiar with each one of the talked about people.”

Where will you be six months from now?

“As someone once wrote me, ‘Dorit Ha’homoit’ belongs to everyone, so- I would like to be that! I want to direct the gays to the right food sources, to let everyone know when someone gets married, goes back to the gym, gets his photo taken for the Arisa party line, opens a new party line – everyone has to be updated about what happens in the gay swamp! There’s life under the trees of Rothchild Blvd. and it’s time someone covers them – and this is why I’m here. Six months from now I’d like to have 5000 friends, 2000 followers and 700 likes for my profile picture. Thank you for asking.”

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Yanir Dekel has a decade of experience in entertainment, journalism, and digital media in Israel and the U.S. He headed PR for Helicon Records - one of the top two Record Labels in Israel - for several years before moving to LA in April of 2009. Yanir now works as an "Online Outreach" and content administration freelancer, managing content and social media, as well as providing graphics for online and print.