Yair Netanyahu’s Meme Dream

Yair Netanyahu is the uncrowned prince of the young democracy. The wealthy Netanyahu family was embroiled, on a weekly basis, in political scandals ranging from receiving benefits for family members to military-altering business deals that put the very thing they spend so much money on in jeopardy—possibly to hemorrhage more money. The latest one, however, is a meme.

A meme is a picture, quote or short animation that holds a certain meaning to people who are in on the joke. If you are not in on the joke, you may get hurt simply from the mere confusion and bewilderment it causes. The said meme came from an Israeli right-wing meme group that is led by mildly artistic guys in their early twenties that edit photos that were edited beforehand. Memes essentially are an evolving art form in the same register. The problem with the picture was that the register was anti-Semitic, and he is the son of the Israeli Prime Minister.

Even if this came after an election in which the Prime Minister claimed that “the Arabs are getting on the buses to vote” which worked to persuade people to vote for his party, an anti-left-wing meme shouldn’t have come as a surprise. George Soros who was seen as the mastermind behind Hillary’s campaign is the figurehead behind the whole operation who controls the lizard people, who in turn control the Illuminati with distinct Jewish features, who in turn control Ehud Barak who is a former and a possible future political adversary, who in turn controls Eldad Yaniv who was a leftwing journalist and a current politician who in turn controls Meni Naftali who sued Yair Netanyahu’s mother for her mistreatment of him while being employed by her.

Needless to say, after all the backlash, including Ehud Barak claiming that Yair needs psychiatric help, it was removed. When the leader of the KKK shared the post, I guess it was a sign that he went too far that time. Like his father, Yair Netanyahu doesn’t shy away from expressing their views to gain popularity.

To be honest, I think this got out of hand. It is a meme shared by the son of the Prime Minister, sure, but who is he? He is not a politician or a political figure. I’m not really sure he is looking for either fame or power, just a regular response on social media, trying to get some recognition like any other person sharing a meme. Mind you, his Facebook profile is not even under the name Netanyahu.

He is not a Machiavellian heir, and in a sense, he is even somewhat relatable to other NEET’s or people in their mid-twenties with no career outlook.  He is 26, lives with his parents, graduated from theater classes in high school and international relations in the university. Needless to say, nothing you build a career with. Even with such great relations to make something with it, it doesn’t seem that he even tries. I am not a psychologist, and I don’t know him personally, but it is obvious that there is something wrong with him, something that holds him back from pursuing regular goals.

Perhaps the reason is simply that he doesn’t have to. Yair Netanyahu is the only child of a prime minister to get a full detailed security, including a driver, passed the age of 18 [I don’t get this sentence]. I don’t own a car myself, honest, but I drive myself around in the family car. He got one of the coveted positions during his military service. I didn’t get any help from my father. I didn’t affect the laws of my country in any way either, and I don’t know any rich people in New York at whose expensive lofts I could spend the night. When money is not an issue, how many of us will go work at retail or telecommunications for 8 USD an hour?

His Father, Benjamin Netanyahu, is the indisputable leader of the nation as of the last nine years and three other in his previous tenure. Because of the way the parliamentary democracy is constructed, it will take the PM to lose an election. Even when Israel has an election about every three years because of inter-party disputes, it ends up the same way. A right-wing government is formed with the support of the Haredi parties and the Settlers which results in billion-dollar coalition agreements to keep the boat rocking to the next one. Israel is a tribal society, and right now—without any signs of change—that tribe is the biggest one. As long as Netanyahu lives, his son will enjoy his position as a prince.

Yair Netanyahu is not the Machiavellian prince. He is not even Prince Harry who has naked photos of him from various worldwide escapades. Yair Netanyahu was supposed to be a struggling guy in dead end jobs until he would find a break to earn just above the median Israeli salary—which is under 2,800 USD a month. He has all the money and time in the world to do all the small things many would have preferred to do like binge watching, and he doesn’t need to do anything about it.

As for his parents, they can have as many scandals as he would like, as many gifts illegally obtained to the point of bribery. Their rule is absolute because of the system and the current geopolitical landscape in Israel. I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves from his parents’ place to an apartment they either buy for him or to the former residence of his grandparents which alongside leaving the home at a late age is a common occurrence here although it doesn’t have to be.


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