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Yoga Clothes and Fashion

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Yoga is an age-old practice that traces its roots to ancient India. Its origins are estimated to be between the 5th and the 6th century, and others speculate that the method traces its roots back to the pre-Vedic Indian period. It is a group of physical mental and spiritual traditions that remain very popular in Israel. This practice is one of six Hindu orthodox traditions; yoga clothes have through the years become part of the age-old tradition.

In the recent past, the practice has widened its scope beyond the Indian/Hindu origins. Well, this has come at a cost with designers and seriously cashing in on the yoga clothing. Truly fashion is robust, it can infiltrate even the unimaginable religious practices that were for a long time reserved for the deepest of devotees.

The fashion side of Yoga

As most people will agree that Yoga requires a total connection between the physical, spiritual, and mental states. It is only essential to design and create comfortable clothing that will provide comfort and the total concentration of the practitioner. It has resulted in a wide range of designs, far from the financial aspect of the yoga clothes should be designed in a manner that will respect the practice.

As mentioned above, Yoga has been spreading fast in the recent past, and the practice does not discriminate against religion, financial status, or social status. Research has revealed that most practitioners beyond India or Asia are usually women. Most of the female practitioners are fashion conscious.

Yoga clothes do not only concentrate on women’s fashion; men and kids have not been left behind in this fashion trends. Now that’s gender equality. You cannot talk about the way without mentioning accessories. Below we are good to look at some of the yoga clothes and accessories.

Women’s yoga clothes

Women’s yoga fashion has been taken care of through yoga bras that will provide comfort during the practice. Yoga tops come in various shapes sizes and varieties; these tops are however not restricted to being worn only indoors.

Yoga pants are designed to offer comfort, and they come in varieties some are fitting, loose or tight, again these are not restricted to that yoga class or session. Then the last piece of fashion is the yoga hoodies, which is designed to help you beat the cold weather while you enjoy that yoga session.

Men’s yoga clothes

Wide range of t-shirts, hoodies, pants, hats, and shorts are all factored in when designing men’s yoga clothes.

Kids yoga clothes

To many, it might sound funny, but from the fashion point of view, the kids have not been left behind in the yoga fashion frenzy. Hoodies tops, pants, and leggings all makeup kids yoga clothes.


There is a wide range of accessories that are associated with yoga fashion. They range from yoga mats, water bottles which come in a handy when you need that all-important thirst-quenching sip. Jewelry which includes necklaces and bangles which are of different tastes and designs.

A yoga bag is also a must have; you will need to carry your accessories and clothing after that session. Caps are also widely available.

The final take

You don’t have to be a yoga enthusiast to wear yoga clothes or adorn yoga accessories. Fashion sleeps neither does remain constant. We can only wait to see what the future holds in yoga fashion.

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