Yom Hashoah

Holocaust Memorial Day

Time marching on relentless

The yellow stars that burned so bright

Have faded

And the night sky reflecting our stars turned silver

As the the grey haired survivors remember

This modern world so fast and fearless

Yet once again the ugly head is rearing

Teach the children lest their elders

Be lost amongst the stars at night

And while we teach of tortures past

The message of an era fades

Hold on

Speak out

Don’t be afraid

This heritage is yours

For all the youth of then and now

As standing here I say my prayer

Remember, recall, record, review

Their future and ours, it lies on you

Take ownership lest we re-live

Another Holocaust.

About the Author
Abi Taylor-Abt is an outstanding Jewish Educator and Curriculum Developer who has worked in the field of Jewish Primary and Secondary Educational Curriculum Development for over twenty years. She is the author of Lessons in Jewish Learning - a grab and go curriculum for communities and Jewish schools. Originally from London, Abi spent time living in Israel, South Africa, England and the United States. After working in Boise, Idaho, Abi spent 5 years in Israel for the second time whilst her children served in the army. She is currently Director of Education for Yachad a combined educational endeavour between the conservative congregation of Beth Shalom and the reform community of Temple Emanu-El in Michigan, USA. A 2018 recipient of the Klein/Grinspoon Award for Excellence in Jewish Education, Abi is also awaiting the video version of her recent ELI Talk Detroit Speaker Fellowship.
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