Yom Kippur And New Year Prayer

Preparation for prayer…..

While we need to try to always be tolerant of each other’s stumblings, we also need to keep in mind that being tolerant doesn’t mean being stupid. Many have written on the value of common sense so I don’t know if the following is original or a paraphrase, but, the sentiment goes: when all else fails, common sense prevails.

To me that means, while trying to be tolerant, we sometimes have to draw the line further out or further in, always ready to stop at the crossroads of common and sense, before making a decision on right and wrong and what is really evil.

Remember the “GOOD JOB!!“ And the “Every child gets a trophy” moral relativism, that started in the late 1970s? It’s purpose was to insure that no child would experience the pain of losing a match or a game. I don’t know share that overly protective, coddling, mentality came from, but I think it’s backfiring on us.

That kind of misguided parenting, shielding children from disappointment, has bred terrible amounts of intolerance, among those children, at very impressionable ages. Those same children are now adults having children and teaching the same kind of moral relativism.

Those daily messages made differences, challenges, and understanding that sometimes we’re the windshield and sometimes we’re the bug, unintelligible for those children and were now paying moral and political prices. Many situations are seen as a game with no winners or losers.

The problem with those who are only adults chronologically, is that they fail to understand that trophies for everyone demeans right and wrong, makes evil easier to tolerate, and engenders disrespect and disregard for mercy, forgiveness, and the workings of democracy, because all of that is much too inconvenient and slow. Overgrown children want their trophies now!!

Speaking of mercy and forgiveness, brings me to Yom Kippur, which we just observed, and the tone of which we’ll hopefully carry throughout the year.

I understand that Yom Kippur is to teach us to focus on our own sins and leave the sins of others to their consciences. But, I’m often troubled by those coddled, good job, trophy takers. What am I supposed to do if some of them are intolerant and disrespectful of others, by standing up in the boat we’re all in, while we’re all trying to navigate through rough seas. Their standing is, essentially, their demanding for more room than anyone else. To add to the clamor, they’re threatening to drill a hole in the bottom, if they can’t all be captains and be able to make complete decisions, without any input except from passengers who are in complete agreement with the decisions.

So my conundrum is how can I ask for forgiveness for my sins and yet ignore the sins of nefarious people, who justify their actions in the name of a cause, who aren’t interested in listening to reason, and who are hurting some or all of us, if the boat sinks?

The simple answer some have given to me is for me to just work on myself. But I think that response begs the question.

If part of working on myself means helping to repair the world, and if Psalms and Proverbs guide us to help each other be responsible for that repair, then isn’t speaking up against what I perceive as, at best, irresponsible words and deeds, and at worst, evil, a basic requirement for repair?

And, speaking of speaking up….or not…. although I’m bothered by the “or nots”…people who see a problem and do nothing, I’m completely disgusted by silent political leaders, silent politicians, a biased social media and a 99% biased “news” media, each of whom or each of which, could do something constructive by speaking up, but has a greedy (compounded) self interest, in not speaking up, seeking a payday in the business of disruptive evil.

George Orwell said whomever controls the flow of information controls the people. When those who control the flow of information are not speaking up against evil, that’s evil compounded. Given today’s methods of keeping the flow of information circling, through technology, the result -in evil hands- can be technological terrorism.

The technological algorithms and then silence about how that works, by the social media moguls we entrust with control over the flow of information leads to monetized social and political polarization. Monetized polarization means that the media moguls, some corporate forces, some political leaders, and some politicians wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t a pretty payday.

If I’m going to be confessional here, I’m selfishly even more bothered, when that monetized evil allows overt anti semitism to rear its ugly head, with little or nothing done to stop it.

Although the polarization that pains me is on both sides of the political divide (as in the old adage that goes, “there’s plenty of blame to go around”), I hope it’s not blind of me to think that most of it is coming from the cancel culture left, examples of which are below.

1. Cancel Culture mob violence in the forms of actual violence and pushing a woke agenda way past the lines of common sense, is a calculated attempt to destroy democracy.

Mob demands for a woke response to everything, including now language, the arts, books, even if the demands make no historical or financial sense, (such as the cancellation of a US flag design on a running shoe). The results have gotten completely out of hand.

Those who understand history, can see that the verbal and actual terrorizing violence -coupled with deafening silence from woke leaders and puppet politicians who could stop it- are reminiscent of the early nineteen thirties, brown shirts’ terror, in Germany, including the desecration of synagogues and churches, replaced with Nazi symbolism and Communist re-education camp curricula.

The Nazi party and revolutionary changes in Cuba, are just two examples, that started out as innocuous “movements” and, when no one influential said anything and no spheres of influence stood in their way, like runaway trains, they gained steam, right smack onto the tracks, taking any and all those “movements” deemed expendable to concentration camps, prisons, and to their deaths.

Today’s seemingly (but not really) innocuous mobs include Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists (“We are trained Marxists!” Patrice Cullors proudly shouted out just a few short years ago before the BDS and Comrade language of the BLM original charter was conveniently cleansed).

Some on the left kindly deem these groups as “frustrated peaceful protesters”. I submit that those who call violent domestic terrorists, “frustrated peaceful protesters“ have not studied history and so they don’t see the mobs as “movements” that can change the course of history for evil purposes.

And the biased, mainstream media reports such woke “movements”, as just adolescents, “frustrated and in pain”. But, “frustrated and in pain” adolescents, as protesters, nor “movements” for constructive changes, destroy businesses, jobs, historic monuments and buildings and cities.

Make no mistake, well organized trainers, make “movements” to terrorize move in a designed direction; a bunch of “frustrated and in pain“ innocent protesters, do not create the kind of “movement” violence we’re seeing and the objections were not hearing from woke leaders and the mobs’ silent political puppets.

We have a system of justice in place for making changes and if it doesn’t work well enough for mob leaders or for those who are part of the mob, they can always run for office, if there’s a democracy left to run it. If there isn’t, the rest of us had better be prepared to run from the mobs or to capitulate to every future woke demand they are now making and will be emboldened to keep making until they destroy all we recognize as freedom.

2. Another fact that pains me is the BLM clandestine (and, again, by silence, politically condoned) shedding of its original charter….its original skin. The original charter contained Marxist ideology in all of its braggadocio glory, complete with BDS and “comrade” communist nomenclature. That charter has now morphed into “a movement”, unsuspecting progressives now say, “that transcends its origins”. Until the “BDS” and “comrade” movement says otherwise (which, by the way it hasn’t said), I’m not buying it. And, before you do, you might want to put your money away and ask more questions.

For example, just because it’s a movement, doesn’t mean that it’s not absolutely moving toward us to strike. It seems to me that it has never shed its original skin, just below the surface of the new one. If it’s still a snake, the pre venom is to keep voting against it and the anti-venom is the same….to keep voting against it.

Whether you prefer the runaway train or the snake analogy, calling something “a movement”, without investigating who is really behind the movement is foolhardy and can lead to disaster.

3. The liberals’ (now “progressives” — a subject that’s to be covered in a few minutes) lack of education about history astounds me. Added to that ignorance, the far left wants to re-write history (as in the 1619 History Project) to say that the Revolution was fought over slavery and that every decent White person, in history, who either was part of founding this country or fought for causes to preserve it, was a racist and should, posthumously, be burned at the stake or tied to a chair and drowned in the nearest lake.

Just as with the Salem Witch Trial Accusations’ fake news, about who was a witch, this kind of college educated (well, educated is debatable when it comes to mob movements), cancel culture, woke idiocy is just as bad.

College “educated”, mob like inability to think critically about what’s going on, shows that cancel culture minds have turned into mush. These are not stupid people. They’ve been educated by a supposedly higher educational system. Unfortunately, that educational system, when they went through it (and it remains so) has, sadly, failed them.

Tax supported colleges and universities are filled with far left leaning professors, who hate the system which feeds them, as well as the service people who died for their right to teach hatred.

Under first amendment protections, the system, which they’re being paid to despise, gives them the very freedoms they seek to destroy. Those freedoms include the freedom to teach unsubstantiated fear mongering and anti democratic topics and to play to emotional brain waves rather than waves that absorb facts. But then, the teaching of facts would require study and open discussions….non starters, among thieves, in the cancel culture of critical thought.

4. And that uneducated problem brings to mind the cancel culture’s mob rule demands for kissing the feet of those professors who hate America and who seek to destroy tolerance for any subject or speaker deemed by them and by their students (turned into “snowflakes”) as “unsafe at any speed”, to see or to hear.

Other fake…excuse me…fine institutions of political churning…excuse me….learning, citing safety concerns, also categorically deny other such speakers a platform, not giving credit to an audience to listen or to walk out or to be accepting or rejecting. These institutions of hijacked learning….I mean higher learning….no I think I was right the first time….have caved into cancel culture toddlers throwing tantrums, who now rule even public institutions and who are well trained to only allow only one side to speak, always citing safety concerns. Yet, those same safety concerns are nowhere to be heard when Arab terrorists are invited to speak (citing adherence to free speech).

It’s ingeniously evil.

The twisted logic of safety concerns for Conservative speakers versus free speech concerns for enemies reminds me of 1984, by George Orwell, which I foolishly thought was a simple, disquieting, fictional tale of a world we’d never see. I see now that Orwell’s fictional tale was really a prediction for the future and the future is here.

And while we’re looking at an Orwellian future, the fact that free speech denying and terrorist inviting institutions accept federal funds seems to have slipped the minds of those in charge of dispersing those funds. Have they been bought off? Paranoid!! You yell. My answer to that kind of name calling is that even paranoid people have enemies.

Now when you’re done calling me names, let’s research that possibility together. If it’s not so, let’s work together to either invite all or invite none. And those snowflakes who don’t want to listen to speakers who may offend them can hide under their little price and princess beds…because that’s as safe a space as any sane person can offer, in a world where tolerance for differences is at a boiling point and will evaporate into the air if Marxism is ever given a chance to turn up the heat.

5. While we’re on the subject of history and learning at these fake (previously fine) institutions, remember when the word institution was a nice name for an insane asylum? Well, actually that name now seems very appropriate to describe today’s Marxist learning centers. So, let’s not forget what’s happening to three tenured professors in those asylums.

Last year, the mobs got away with the destruction of social science research, on police violence against Blacks, by Roland Fryer, a Harvard, tenured, Black professor. Roland dared to pose a statistical theory that disagreed with the cancel culture narrative on the subject. The interesting twist to the firing is that a several years old “me too” charge didn’t warrant a dismissal UNTIL Roland was about to release his non narrative findings. The subsequent throw the bum out result almost destroyed Roland and set forty of his graduate students adrift. The similar message to Biden’s “if you don’t vote as a Democrat, you ain’t Black”, is in Roland’s case, “If you don’t vote woke, you’ll be washed up, even if you are Black”.

This year the stunning, shunning and silencing of Joshua Katz, a Princeton professor, for daring to question the motives of a Black organization on campus, set free speech on its head. While Princeton’s President acknowledged that free speech is encouraged, on the other side of his mouth he essentially said that civil discourse about the motives of Black students or Black student organizations qualifies that freedom and so any such discourse will not be tolerated. Can somebody please tell me what country I’m living in?

And as a third example, there’s the convenient death of Mike Adams, a UNC professor, who had been fired for making statements that -like those of the Princeton Professor- used to be protected under the First Amendment. Adams’ death has been ruled a suicide. But, in effect, because the mobs now determine what conservative professors can say or not say (which makes the point of teaching moot), his was really a murder: of thought, speech, teaching, and the critical thinking of students who are on the way to becoming virtual (programmable) minds.

And speaking of murdering words, or a cancel culture form of “brown shirts” book burning, authors of books that may offend are now cancelling themselves before they are submitted for publication. That should give all of us chills.

6. On the subject of an appalling lack of education, despite millions spent by parents and taxpayers for tuition, scholarships, loans and grants, the cancel culture mobs know nothing about the Electoral College they want to abolish.

Led by those, in pussy hats, who failed to see that Hilary trashed and abandoned women and, in her Saudi ties, was no friend to the Jews in her choice of close confidantes, her defenders are so angry that Trump won the 2016 presidency, that they’ve completely missed the point of the Electoral College.

By eliminating the Electoral College, the mob and their paid for politicians are attempting to overturn the reason for the Electoral College presidential election balance.

Why can’t they see (as in “say can you see”, and national anthems, now essentially being spit upon) the problem with toying with the ingenious plan, designed our forefathers (who the cancel culture now loves to hate) to insure fairness in presidential elections?

Despite that historical context, despite the current fairness of the system, and despite the fact that the elimination of that system would mean that the population of the large states would always control every election (and therefore, the whole country, which is what the left wants), the left is angry.

And, despite the fact that the Deplorables won the election in a fair and square, according to brilliant historical design, to protect the small states from tyranny of a few large states, the left wing large states’ mob is screaming “UNFAIR!!”

Of course such, finely tuned, historical understanding would require serious study, rather than playing with Antifa fire. And, it’s so much easier and more fun to play with fire, and to set fires to history and rewrite that burned history to suit a mob translation, rather than to study it in its original, historical, well reasoned, translation.

8. And then there are the fun house progressive proprietors with social media access to anyone else’s past. That, in turn, engenders the mobs’ lack of forgiveness, even for the most minute transgressions.

Even G-D, can’t pass the appalling scrutiny of the mobs.

“Oh dear me!”, said the Little Red Hen, “I clean -as well as the communist color red has been scrubbed clean of any hint of being associated with progressives — I clean forgot that any references to G-D have now been similarly scrubbed clean”.

That means the old liberals, who used to adhere to some religion, now, as progressives, have no need for religion. In following their Marxist training, of which they so proudly boast, Cullors, Garza, Tometi, Newsome, and Antifa leaders will train their chosen (and bought and paid for by Communist China) political leaders and puppet politicians.

Then, along with millionaire athletes who demand that we worship woke, all of the Marxist movers (as in the idiocy of the statement, “its all just part of a movement”) will train their flock to worship them as deities. Then they’ll take G-D, and relegate any such faith to a quiet death, with a DNR order in the chart to doubly make sure that no one interferes.

9. Other disturbing “movement” evidence is the number of “Democratic” politicians, basking in luxury, in the halls of Congress, who we pay all to well (monetarily and with cushy benefits) to kneel in taxpayer halls, in sickening solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

Rather than putting their hands over their hearts, for those who fought and died for their right to kneel these politicians have politically caved in to the mob’s, woke, demands at the expense of middle America voters.

And, to add insult to that snub to our servicemen and women, the NFL big shots, for the love of woke money, failed to show the strength of character of the lone Virginia Tech basketball coach, Mike Young, who stands tall when the national anthem is played and expects his players to stand with him. If they don’t like it, they’re free to leave. So far, none have left and all are proud to stand.

It’s not that I think that KC and Company haven’t every right to protest injustice. It’s just that when millionaire athletes do so on our dimes and during game times, my respect for them and their caved in employers, political leaders and political puppets, completely vanishes.

Oh, and about that kneeling thing, in case you’re Jewish and think it’s cool, please remember that even God doesn’t expect Jews to kneel. Letting that sink in, as Jews, we should be reluctant to sink to our knees in solidarity with an athlete. Absolutely send him letters of support, but remind him that you can’t kneel with him because G-D doesn’t even ask that of you. See if those who kneel with him, will respect our religious conviction not to kneel before one of the idols of football or will they respond with anti Semitism.

Liberals used to stand for open mindedness. As Progressives, their minds stand for woke worship. And while they’re at it, those changes include changing the communist team color of red to blue, in the cause of their HATRED for America, so that the country won’t know what they’re doing.

The Marxist reds now sport blue, as in true blue patriotism, (as if the colors red and blue are just simple colorful designations and not more), to hide the fact that their hammer and sickle mendacious minds are as red as menacing Marxist methods of control.

But it’s not just the killing of democracy in the US that I fear; I fear for Israel. Because if the real reds can gain control of America, as the Marxist BLM original charter plans for them to do, BDS will be in place faster than you can say terror and other forms of past terror will be renewed. And, with America swallowed up by Marxism, Israel will fall, as well.

So I’ll just close, by saying that, I’m not crazy about Trump (especially when he’s a tweety bird idiot), and I acknowledge that he’s a morally bankrupt businessman, with smart accountants and lawyers. But he’s far better than the woke cancel culture Marxist leaders who are part of a morally bankrupt business mob.

And, being morally bankrupt in business doesn’t change the fact that Trump is a defender of Israel.

With that in mind:

I am not voting FOR Trump as much I’m voting….

I am voting against the bad parts of history not to be repeated;

AGAINST cancel culture mob violence in actual, verbal, shunning and other demeaning forms, including demands for firing, groveling, ruining lives and sometimes suicides and murders;

AGAINST cancel culture mob destruction of our history and our freedom of thought, speech, press, and religion;

AGAINST the Uyghurs, being tortured for their religious practices, by the Communist Chinese, who Diane Feinstein says are “our” friends…perhaps yours, but not my friends, Diane;

And, equally as important…

Against the destruction of Israel, through the unwarranted hatred emboldened by the BDS dictates of the BLM original charter.

So….If we’re really going to be serious about the meaning of Yom Kippur, every year we’re alive and able to do more, as we gain more experience about life, then it follows that there’s more to it all than the “mumblings of forgive us our sins”. Or not….if you’re in the “or not” camp.

Then again, if you’re in that camp, remember that others in the “or not” camps, have, sometimes, found themselves and/or their friends and loved ones in real camps, such as the old (but not forgotten by those who are not “or nots”):

Nazi concentration camps,

North Korean re- education camps,


the new

Uyghur torture camps,

along with more plush country club camps, where those who remain silent, in the face of domestic terrorism, who can pretend that the other kinds of terrorizing camps never really happened or don’t really exist….until they do here and in Israel.

Given the suffering, that is the result of unchecked evil, I hope you’ll join me with with the follows prayer or one closer to your heart:

My prayer….

Please G-D, help us to tolerate all of our historical ugliness. And if there’s too much ugliness to tolerate, help us find the nearest museums to which offensive statues and writings can be brought and the appropriate messages taught.

Please help the cancel culture mobs to see that nothing is perfect, especially not their cancel culture plans for a brave new world.

Please help those in the cancel culture mobs, offended by minor things like word mix ups (this one’s for you, Kamala, so that you might lose your arrogance and show forgiveness to a young kid rather than sink his career) and op ed pieces, (this one’s for The NY Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer whose publishers fired innocent people and then groveled apologies to the mob) and major things like historical hurts (this one’s for those who want to tear down and re-write history rather than study its warts), to find the ability to forgive and to realize that we’re all climbing a steep learning curve and some may need help and encouragement, not cancellations.

Please help those in this country who think they’re not privileged to see how exceedingly privileged they are, and how arrogantly spoiled they are not to recognize their privilege, in comparison to the real evils, in too many parts of the world, including the suffering of humans and helpless animals.

Please help us to always fight against all kinds of privileged, senses of entitlement, lack of appreciation arrogance, both the character flaws that encompass and sum up any transgression of any of the Ten Commandments.


Please help us all to keep Israel safe, by always remembering that without her existence, especially as Jews, we’ll return to wandering in a desert of despair.

Thank YOU for each and every one of the blessings YOU have gifted to us.


About the Author
The author is a Common-Tater, which, when spoken aloud, is a very professional sounding title, for a Mrs. Potato Head. But from the spelling of the title, you can see that, when the author comments on life, she doesn’t ever take herself too seriously. Mrs. Potato Head...excuse, please......the author, as a Common-Tator, lives in the U.S. and has had various careers, in alternative lives, as a teacher, social worker, lawyer, serious and humorous radio show writer, producer, and performer. Currently she is a video humorist and a writer. Although, almost the age of an eleven year old dog (actually a bitch, but we won’t go there), she remains as active as a pup.