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You Can’t Believe Netanyahu

Today Israel assassinated the leader of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Israel also tried and apparently just missed assassinating his boss in Damascus. These actions deserve praise from a military standpoint, and for going after those who would do the citizens of the State of Israel harm. They were and are terrorists and you should not negotiate or reason with terrorists – ever. Remember the Shalit exchange and what it brought – okayed by our current Prime Minister.

Therefore, at the same time, we the citizens of our State of Israel have the right to ask why this action took place today and not a year and a half before; or six months ago; or six weeks ago; or even six days ago?

The answer lies in the political stalemate we have been suffering through for the last year. We are in a state of political limbo only because one man, Prime Minister Netanyahu, refuses to put the interests of our country first, instead of his own. Another Prime Minister, the assassinated Yitzack Rabin, resigned over of an illegal $10,000 bank account that his wife Leah held. The charges facing Mr. Netanyahu are far more serious – unless you believe that he is really a victim of left wing justices and the media. Even Netanyahu’s late lawyer, Dr Jacob Weinroth, told him it would be advisable to cut a deal and resign. But he refuses to resign because he believes as Prime Minister he will be able to obtain immunity from prosecution. He surely cannot believe that only he is fit to lead Israel at this time?

Prime Minister Netanyahu held an unimpressive television appearance early this afternoon where he unconvincingly claimed that the assassination action had been in the planning for weeks and that the cabinet, the Chief of Staff and the Head of the Security Services all supported this action. We all support the action – just not the timing – one day before his two political rivals, Benny Gantz and Avigdor Lieberman were scheduled to meet with respect to possibly forming a governing coalition.

When it comes to timing Netanyahu is truly in a league of his own. Tzipi Livni failed to cobble together a coalition Government because Netanyahu had brokered a back door deal with Arye Deri of Shas; timing. Netanyahu won the election in 2015 because “the Arabs are voting in droves”; timing. He tied in April because he put cameras in the Arab polling stations thereby intimidating the Arab vote; timing. He got Mandelblit to push back the hearing on his enditements¬† for six months; timing. He got the 22nd Knesset to dissolve for new elections – before the opposition had an opportunity to put together a coalition; timing.

Everything about Prime Minister Netanyahu is timing. So why should the citizens of Israel believe that today’s events in Gaza and Damascus have anything to do with anything but timing? The economic and psychological effects of today’s events will reverberate through our country in a negative way. This problem in the South should have been taken care of over a year and a half ago. For political reasons, until today, Netanyahu decided not to address the loss of security and deterrence along our border with Gaza. Now, today, suddenly he decided to act; timing. The people of Israel should not buy anything this Prime Minister is offering up – ever again!

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First came to Israel as a volunteer after the Six Day War. Made Aliyah in 1972, served in the IDF, stayed in Israel for 4 years. Returned again to live permanently in Israel in 2017. Am widely traveled & strong supporter of Zionism. Have an M.A. in International Relations from McGill University.