You say ‘nuclear war’ like it is a bad thing

Why do Israeli’s worry so much about the Iranian nuclear program? Why can’t they do what everybody else does and just say that Netanyahu is a very bad man, a war monger and an Israeli (shudder)?

That’s all there is to it. You don’t need UN inspections, you don’t need to stop the centrifuges from spinning. You don’t need anything that even remotely looks like a fact. You just need to focus on how bad Israeli’s are and through magic the Iranian nuclear weapons program disappears.

I’ve seen people do it countless times. You ask them how wise it is to let religious fanatics gain control over doomsday weapons and they say ‘yeah well Israel also has the bomb’ and poof: No more Iranian nuke program. If everybody can do it. Why not you?

Even John Kerry can. “Don’t listen to the Israeli’s” he said. Makes sense because everybody knows that if you don’t listen to someone, the things they talk about magically disappear. If only panda’s would have thought about this before we did. They could have ruled the world!

Who would have thought? Millions took to the streets during the 1980ies to protest the spread of nuclear weapons, but all they needed to change their minds was a guy with a beard promising to rain death and destruction on the Jews.

It may sound insane but we live in the age of the absurd and the surreal. An age where we blame 9/11 not on Muslim terrorists but on America’s policies in the same way that we blame the acts of deranged gun men on the weapons they wield. Nobody is ever responsible for their actions. Similarly the spread of nuclear weapons is not a threat because:

A) the regimes that are acquiring them are not pro-Western and

B) nothing happened during the Cold War when only six nations had nukes, so everything automatically will be alright now if everybody has them.

Yeah it sounds crazy. But the only way to make to make sense of the world is to accept that it has gone insane. So let’s stop worrying and let’s start celebrating because now at least we know how it will all end.

Oh come on. You know once nuclear weapons start spreading the fate of humanity is pretty much sealed. Of course things would have been different had Western nations developed some kind of missile defense. But because that idea was proposed by Ronald Reagan, who was a conservative, the left has to hate it. And it’s totally worth risking the destruction of this planet just to be able to look down on a conservative leader, right? That’s Leftism 2.0 for you: Pollution bad, destruction of the world not so bad.

We should hang a big sign on the moon for any aliens that might sail by in the eons to come: “So sorry we blew up this world, but at least we got to stick it to the Israeli’s”.

(That is of course unless Obama can’t keep his Nobel Peace Price under control and starts a war with Russia.)

About the Author
Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland. My parents were Holocaust survivors.