Needing a bigger boat

Gaza teenager shot by IDF dies from wounds | The Times of Israel 

There it is again, that continuing cycle of violence that never seems to stop, not even in death.

Why does it have such a tenacious hold over the entire region? From where does it gain its strength and when will its grip ever be broken? This year? Next year? Next decade? Many are the months and years that lie ahead and even more are the lives still to be lost. How many visits has Mr. Kerry yet to make before even he admits defeat and begins to realise that, for all his good intentions, his task cannot be completed within the time-span of a mere nine months? Even eternity may not be long enough to accommodate such an undertaking.

Then some fundamental aspects of the situation must be modified if a rapid halt to this conflict is ever to be witnessed by those of us living today. And, for the sake of our own conscience and peace of mind, it would be much better to effect such changes sooner rather than later.

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