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Zionist-Occupied-Brexit-Cabal (III): Last Orders for Twitter’s Antisemitic Lilin

OK, so where were we? Ah, that’s right. Kick back and think of Hegelian dialectics… Nothing like a good tongue-twister to send us off for a nice new week of silicon fun and frolix!

So far on this blogging account, we’ve encountered quite a lot of bizarre, antisemitic conspiracy theorists on Twitter, promoting moronic and pointless memes like ‘Hodge Comparisons’ and ‘Brexit Cabal.’ Sadly, this one last instalment of the final three discussions is full of plenty of egregious folly from a couple of rather idle and pointless Twitterati troublemakers.

Who was the next one…

Oh it was this guy, wasn’t it?!

Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Anti-Judaic Odyssey

Indeed it is, the rather intriguingly entitled Joseph An Oilithrigh, aka the artist formerly known as the Honourable Antifa… is a nice honourable anti-fascist activist, so it is! See our Joseph’s an honourable anti-fascist, so it is!

I believe in truth, compassion, social justice, equality for all, and in a United #EuropeanUnion

Now that is what I call sweet! ‘Sure ye couldn’t be bad to that,’ as we say back in the homeland! Although maybe Homeland Security, or the nearest equivalent, should be monitoring his deranged antisemitic meanderings, rather than me?

Oh wait, he’s THAT kind of ‘anti-fascist.’ Well, I guess now it’s starting to make sense. The blatantly antisemitic anti-fascist; oh sorry, it’s been a hell of an early afternoon. This is my fault. I read it wrong… He’s antifa, not anti-fascist. Don’t worry, easy mistake to make. I mean hell, we’ve all been there!

That said, the utter cognitive dissonance of having a ’32 counties’ graphic Republican-light-leitmotif alongside a pro EU account is something that deserves an entire Alexandrian library in itself. Well, at least I thought so, anyway. God loves a trier, as the saying goes… and how!

I mean why have banshees, when you can have screech-owls instead?

Ferry McFunFace

Oh and then there’s good old FerryBus, a true working class hero if ever I saw one. At least, if spending all day on Twitter counts as ‘work,’ but I guess it’s nice lounging and loafing, if you can have it!

Sadly, Ferry baby didn’t use his loaf as much as one might have hoped. A few choice cuts from the aspirant-man’s table: Endorsing someone who says they pay more for their Netflix than they give to the EU. Not entirely sure this is the most strategically savvy approach, but to be honest, when you’re constantly spamming the Zinc-o’sphere with antisemitic hashtags like ‘Brexit Cabal,’ I suspect being called a ‘champagne socialist’ is the least of your worries.

Secondly, those who believe there is a ‘Zionist Media Conspiracy’ to falsely claim them and their bros are peddling the antisemitic lies about them falsely claiming there is a ‘Zionist Media Conspiracy’ against them (still with me?!), probably would be well advised not to make silly dog whistles about bankers.

Just ask Jez Saruman and his creepy mates!

Oh and a ‘vulture capitalists’ puppet.’ Nope, definitely nothing antisemitic about that at all! At least in the middle of a tweet rammed with silly hashtags, with no less than #BrexitCabal propping up its disconcertingly pudgy lizard-tail.

Also, we all know the antisemitic community ain’t the brightest when it comes to history or indeed reading outside their comfort on any topic… But please. Please. Please. Jacob Rees-Fagin? … Just say no.

Well, there’s yer lot.

That was some oddyssey.

A few brief reflections to follow afterwards.

Much love and solidarity, as always!

— Jonathan

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