Zionist’s Guide to the World Cup–Day 12

Another day of white knuckles at the World Cup, but still good for the Zionist’s Guide to the World Cup (ZGWC).

In Group C, Argentina bested Poland, 2-0, but both advanced to the knockout rounds.  Poland was vaguely favored by the ZGWC, and–clearly–this vague endorsement paid off for the Poles.  In the other match, Mexico ended Saudi Arabia’s World Cup appearance, 2-1.  Unfortunately, Mexico’s tournament also ended at the same time.  The Mexican federation promptly fired their manager, Tata Martino.  Perhaps the Mexican people will also take the cue and fire their current president, the would-be autocrat AMLO.

In Group D, the favored Socceroos of Australia defeated Denmark, 1-nil, and thereby eliminated the Danes from the World Cup.  This was a huge surprise, as many expected the Danes to win the group.  Tunisia scored a historic victory over France, 1-0.  It turned out to be a pyrrhic victory, though, as Tunisia finished in third place in the group.  So long, Lions of Carthage.

Day 12 features the last day of competition in Groups E and F.  In the Group of the Former Axis Powers, Costa Rica is heavily favored (at least by the ZGWC) over the Germans.  A loss by the Germans would end their World Cup.  At the same time, Japan will be taking on the Spaniards.  The Blue Samurai are heavily favored here (again, probably only by the forlorn ZGWC).

In Group F, Canada is very slightly favored over Morocco.  That being said, a Moroccan victory would be an acceptable result, as well.  In the other game, the Blazers of Croatia will be seeking to defeat the much-reviled Belgians and send them crashing out of the World Cup.  Let’s see what tomorrow holds.

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Doug Klein is an attorney in Chicago and the wrestling coach at Ida Crown Jewish Academy.
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