Zionists, Jews and Israel: Are they different for Israel-bashers?

Soviet bashers

Under Stalin and then Kruscheff, the Soviets weaved Zionism, Jews and Judaism into one motif.

 Judaic sermons are the sermons of bourgeois Zionists. (Ukrainian broadcast, Korovograd, December 1959.)

The character of the Jewish religion serves the political aims of the Zionists.

(Paul Johnson. A History of the Jews, 2001):

Zionism is inseparably linked to Judaism …It is rooted in the Jewish idea of the exclusiveness of the Jewish people. (Kommunist Moldavia, 1963.)

After the Six-Day War in 1967, Soviet propaganda began exporting these ideas to the West.

…chauvinistic idea of the God-chosenness of the Jews, the propaganda of messianism, and the idea of ruling over the world.  (Trofim Kychko. ‘Judaism and Zionism’, 1968.)

Vladimir Begun in his book, ‘Creeping Counter-Revolution’ (1974), called the Old Testament an unsurpassed textbook of hypocrisy, treason, perfidy and moral degeneracy:

No wonder the Zionists are gangsters since their ideas come from the holy Torah and the precepts of the Talmud.                  (Paul Johnson. A History of the Jews, 2001)

 Arab-Palestinian bashers

After the attacks of September 11 Saudi Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz stated that the Jews were behind it.  He used that word and no other. But when Associated Press (AP) reported the story it said that  Zionists (not Jews) were behind 9/11.

A woman may set out on Jihad without her husband’s permission, and a servant without his master’s permission. Why? In order to annihilate those Jews.  Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters.  (Hamas Official, Ahmad Bahr.

Recorded by MEMRI: Al-Aqsa TV, Aug 10, 2012)


I travel all over the world, and I met supporters of Al-Aqsa, of the prisoners, of Jerusalem, and of Palestine – people who thirst for the blood of the Jews, and who are eager for the promised war against the sons of Zion, until Palestine is liberated in its entirety.  (Egypt cleric, Sallah Sultan.)


Recorded by MEMRI. Al-Aqsa TV, July 27; August 3, 2012.)


There is an organization called MEMRI. It was founded by Mossad officers, and it monitors your channel, as well as Al-Jazeera TV, Al-Hiwar TV, all the channels. They seek loopholes in order to stop you from broadcasting. Therefore, my advice to my brothers in Al-Aqsa TV and other Arab channels is that …we must …be very careful when we use the term “Jews.”

Director, London-Based Institute of Islamic Political Thought, Azzam Al-Tamimi.  (Recorded by MEMRI. Al-Aqsa TV, March 15, 2012)



The Zionists have been inflicting very heavy damage and suffering on the whole of humanity for over 2,000 years, especially over the last four centuries. Supreme  leader Ayatollah Khamenei.    

Note: 2000 years ago, and even four centuries ago, there were no Zionists. Therefore Iranian leaders regard Zionists and Jews as one and the same.

Why don’t Western media report such daily diatribes? 

The public would find Jew hatred a difficult thing to swallow. And there is an issue of not disturbing the peace between Muslims and Jews. Hence, in Western media editors fit ‘Jews’ with the palatable ‘Zionist’ or ‘Israel’ mask.

Europe’s bashers

Anti-Israel rallies have led to a surge in attacks on Jews and Jewish targets on a level unknown since the 1930s.

Attacks on European Jewry  underlie just how widely Jews and Israelis are perceived as one and the same.

Remember also the January 2002 New Statesman cover. It had a Star of David piercing a Union Jack, with the headline below: “A kosher conspiracy?”

NGO bashers

At the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, held September 2001 in Durban, delegates from around the world gathered for eight days. Members of NGOs indulged in a xenophobic orgy of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish incitement.

Posters equated Zionism with Nazism. Banners proclaimed, that “Hitler should have finished the job.”

Jewish groups were subjected to taunts, physical intimidation, and organized jeering.

Hate literature was distributed, among it The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Flyers were adorned with caricatures of hooked-nosed Jews, with Palestinian blood on their hands, surrounded by money

Flyers with Israelis wearing Nazi emblems. There were calls for Jews to die


Anis Mansur, one of Egypt’s top journalists, and one-time confidant of  Anwar Sadat, put the idea bluntly:

There is no such thing in the world as Jew and Israeli. Every Jew is an Israeli. No doubt about that.

Therefore Zionists = Israelis = Jews


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