I distinguish between anti-Jewish bigotry from an average person and virulent hatred by hard-core anti-Semites. How to spot the latter?


When I studied the stories of prominent anti-Semites, I noticed that they have one glaring thing in common. They’re expert liars.

Now, we can have a dispute on who sees things right. I don’t claim my writing to be the final word on anything. But at least, I try to write about reality as I know it.

Now, you could say that people who constantly seem to manipulate the facts and minds around them have their own truth, and are no different from the average person in any dispute. This is demonstrably not true. These expert liars do know the difference between truth and falsehood (though sometimes they get carried away by the “beauty and logic” of their own lies). How do I know? When you lie to them they react as bitten by a snake. Their anger knows no end or limit. They are not confused about the truth. They only try to make everyone else confused.

These are people with an agenda to manipulate. They will sow discontent but are not really sharing their stories or emotions. We’re not supposed to know their sentiments because they are just racist or anti-Semitic or otherwise oppressive.

Hardcore Polish anti-Semites

So when someone stands up to supposedly argue the case of the average Pole in WW II, try to figure out if they are well-meaning emotional people trying to convey their legitimate side of the story or cold manipulative snakes.

And what do these haters of truth try to hide? That anti-Semitism was widespread and is widespread in Poland. And they hide that not because they are ashamed of this bigotry. No, they deny Jew hatred because they like it. They hate Jews and do not want to admit and give up on that.

Beware of Poles who falsely claim to be wounded by a suspicion that they are Jew haters. They might not be offended but rather proud of it. Don’t argue with them. They are liars for whom words mean nothing.

I have no sympathy for liars whose whole effort is to mislead – except for that I mourn that they chose evil and are wasting their days on it – who would be envious about their lives?

Poles are not the only Nation whose case is ruined by anti-Semites and their sentiments. The Arab Palestinian cause also seems to draw (non-Palestinian) Jew haters to its plight, as is clear when we listen to many BDS proponents.

Polish Politics

The attitude and awareness of Polish politics is wanting, to say the least.

After approving outlawing mentioning alleged Polish complicity with the Holocaust, now the Polish government has declared “Hold your anti-Semitic jokes for the moment.” That’s not what is needed — a cover-up.

It turns out that the new law makes that even Holocaust survivors better watch out what they say in describing their experience as Polish Jews.

The latest news is that Poland practically wants to forbid export of kosher meat which shows that it still has little awareness (or much fondness) of pestering Jews.

And the ad from the Polish government that it has sent to all Israeli Internet users to placate and inform us, actually just annoys, as it equates their (real) war suffering with that of the Jews under the Holocaust. They don’t even seem to know the first rule, that nothing equates that.

But the unbelievable worst is of course, a Polish coalition MP who blames the Jews for the Holocaust.

The Average Poles

One could argue and differ on the role of the Polish People in WW II.

For Poles and Jews this is an emotional subject, so lots of stories may have to be shared before people can listen well enough to each other’s side of the story. Until they are ready, disputes are to be expected. And that’s OK.

I have a lot of empathy for people who lost everything in the war, even if they would have been anti-Semites or people who did not help Jews.

I refuse to hate Poles even if all of them would hate Jews. Then I would only feel bad for them. But I’m convinced that they don’t all hate Jews.

For starters, the RC Church, the dominant religion in Poland, after WW II, has repaired its relationship with the Jews.

Further, Poland holds the world record in the number of Righteous Allies to Jews who risked their own lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

However, the issue is not how wrong Poles were or weren’t during WW II. Rather, Poles must acknowledge anti-Semitism of centuries, Jew hatred before, during and after WW II, including now, and commit to uprooting the Oldest Hatred in the world. A job that Poland must do.

Not because all other nations have done so already. My native the Netherlands has not even gotten started.

On social media there has been much uptick in Poles who do not just defend Poland but rather attack Jews. This does not help their case.

I’m looking forward to hear more from Poles who love Poland enough to want to clean it from this unbecoming hatred against the Chosen People.

I would like to hear more from Poles who like Jews and are already taking responsibility for uprooting present Jew hatred. I’m sure there are many (though never enough, of course).

Let us focus on reaching out to the average Poles. They are no doubt ready to shed their anti-Semitic heritage that they know doesn’t look good on them. In the end, their politicians will have to follow them.

Just as a fellow blogger argued today, at length and eruditely: leave it to the Poles.