Yossi Dan and Erez Mizrachi have knack for organizing some wonderful startup events that I have had the opportunity to participate in my role as a Brand Ambassador from the Rackspace Startups program.  The work they do through Challengy helps showcase and advance innovation.

The cool thing about Yossi and Erez is that they find interesting niches and bring light to the potential of impact of them – not only from a standpoint of business, but their potential impact on society.

Last night at the Academic College of Tel Aviv – Yaffo, a packed house of some 200+ attendees, media, judges and special guests from the Government of France and the France Israel Chamber were on hand to hear pitches from 10 foodtech related startups.

This event was held during the “So French, So Food” week, hosting 20 among the best French Chefs visiting the Startup Nation. So, they created a special event FoodTech Pitch TLV – Where Gastronomy Meets Technology.

The GreenOnyx system for growing and preparing Khai-nam.

The GreenOnyx system for growing and preparing Khai-nam.

Competing companies are listed below, and the grand winner was Green Onyx, which has developed the a type of home appliance for the kitchen that will enable you to grow your type of plant-based super food, Khai-Nam.

BitBite www.thebitbite.com
Valiber  www.valiber.com
Woosh  www.wooshwater.com
EatWith http://eatwith.com
Yummi www.yummi.co.il
PIMI AGRO pimiagro.com
Spresh http://www.eat-spresh.com/
InnoBev Ltd. www.DrinkWakeUp.com
ProtyPlus don’t have a site yet
GreenOnyx http://www.greenonyx.biz/