It’s 2015 and Microsoft is cool again! Windows 10 is their best ever operating system and Office 365 is a big hit.

Office 365 starts at $6.99 a month, and includes one version on your pc or laptop, tablet and smartphone. There are even versions of Office 365 for Android and iOS. While I love using Google Docs, it will never fully replace Word – there’s a place for both in our personal lives and careers.

Meet the Windows Tablet

I own a 7 inch Asus Memo Pad. It’s thin and powerful for a $160 device. When I saw my brother’s Windows 10 smartphone, I was blown away. I have Windows 10 on my laptop, but it looked amazing on a smartphone. Those same colorful squares were perfect for a 5 to 6 inch screen.

The next time I was at Best Buy, I couldn’t resist. A big fan of the cheap tablet and laptop trend, I bought the most inexpensive Windows tablet I could get my hands on. Could Windows 10 really work on an $80 Digiland tablet??

The answer is Yes.

It came with Windows 8 and within a week, I had Windows 10 on it. With only 16GB of drive space, I had to add a 32GB memory card. It boots fast, browsing is better than I expected and Windows 10 functions just fine. Realize, this tablet has 1GB of RAM and a 1.33Ghz quad-core processor – well under the industry standard for 2015.

The Windows Tablet Bonus

Here’s where you get your bonus. Almost every Windows tablet comes with a free year of Office 365!! As I was paid up until October, Microsoft added a year, so I have Office 365 for free until October 2016. That’s an $84 value from an $80 tablet. Even if you add the taxes and memory card cost, the tablet and a year of Office 365 cost me about $25.

Better yet, a cheap Windows tablet is a great way to experiment with and learn Windows 10 without messing with my main work laptop. I don’t see myself doing a lot of gaming – Android beats Windows when it comes to mobile gaming. I won’t be doing any writing on an 8 inch device. But it’s perfect for reading while sitting on the couch and in bed. I can keep one tablet in the family room and the other in my bedroom.

Does this mean I will buy a new Windows tablet every year in order to skip buying Office 365? Maybe.