In wacky mix-up, Qatar sends Hamas paycheck to Martin Indyk and Indyk’s paycheck to Hamas!

By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 1/7/2016 at 5:30 PM

Washington: Hijinks ensued today when the Qatari Treasury accidentally sent Martin Indyk’s paycheck to Hamas leader Khaled Mashal and Mashal’s paycheck to Mr. Indyk. However, despite the potential compromise of funds, the entire situation managed to sort itself out after a few hours and several phone calls.

The Daily Freier spoke with Mr. Indyk from his office as the Vice President and Director of the Foreign Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, and he shed some light on the mix-up.

“I have to say, this was kinda crazy. But in the end it was almost as much fun as the three-legged race at last year’s Al-Jazeera annual picnic in Doha…..So when I got Khaled’s check, I speed-dialed him and he noted that he had my check too! So then I just called Emir Al-Thani and explained what happened. And get this, since I called him from my Brookings cellphone I even joked with him that if he put me on hold he would be paying the big phone bill anyway! LOL! Good times!”

For his part, Mr. Mashal also saw the humor in the mix-up. “This mix up reminded me of something that would happen in  one of those, how you say, “Situation Comedies” that are so popular in America. Like the one with that perfidious Jew named Jerry and the shameless harlot named Elaine.” Khaled continued. “When I spoke with Mister Martin, I laughed and said there were quite a few zeroes in his check and that maybe I was in the wrong line of work! I mean If I knew there was that much money to be made in selling out your Center-Left Think Tank to a Petrodollar despot we would have been all over that years ago like baba ganoosh on a pita…..Say, do you think Hamas can get its own Middle East Studies Department Chair at a good school? I’ve got CAIR working the East Coast, but if you know anybody on the West Coast that would be great!”

While it is still not known how the mix-up occurred, Mr. Indyk surmised that it may be a problem with the Qatari Treasury’s change over to Paypal. “Not sure how the new system is an improvement.  I mean, until last month they just left the money on our dresser in the morning wired it to our account in the Georgetown Bank of America.”

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