Having written previously about how pop culture icons like Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Drake speaking positively of Judaism in mass media is a good thing for the Jewish people, get ready for a show which – if the preview is any indication – will clearly show a mockery of Jews in mass media.

None other than a new show “Princesses: Long Island” is slated to commence on the Bravo Network this summer and if the preview is any indication this will be only bad – and stupid – for “Brand Jew.” One can see that the clip begins with one of the characters saying “Guess What I Have? Manischewitz.” In what world, in what Jewish home have those words ever been spoken? Give me a break. Absurd and clearly mugging for the cameras.

It is followed by a woman wearing a yarmulke at a table listening to someone else talk about “schvitzing”, and then a scene of women in a car asking “Hassidic Jews, how do they get their curls so perfect?” Come on.

While everyone wants their “15 minutes of fame”, as CEO of 5WPR, I can say there are few people I would ever encourage to appear on a reality TV show. So few people ever appear positively on reality TV, and many have been damaged by them.  Reality TV may be a boost to one’s ego, but very few do reality TV right. Using the F word, directly following “Shabbat Shalom” may make good TV – but it ain’t good for the Jews.

While I will reserve full judgment until the show comes out, “Princesses: Long Island” is likely to offer a distorted presentation of the Jewish community.