Next year in Jerusalem … with Moses’ Mobile Tablets.

Mobile Tablets of Pesach cartoon

If only they had had telecom satellites and map apps to get home quicker.

Had they been fortunate enough to have the micro-work economy around, they might have bought some analog maps, power generators or even vehicles on ebay to speed up their journey. Or at least they might have been able to order a gig on fiverr to have a group of artists and musicians create some original, non-kitschy art and compose and record some non-chanty tunes to sing and hum as they made their way across the wilds of that little patch of land that straddles North Africa and the Middle East, and divides two seas.

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Of course, all this Springtime didactic of the Israelite people and their wayward wanderings of forty years through rock and rubble means … it’s Passover again. And in Israel these days, that means a flood of holiday greetings in the form of cards, emails, facebook status updates and text messages.

Just imagine how much heavier the load was on the poor communications carriers — camels, goats and hapless Hebrews — trying to carry the messages of a newly free people of Israel, as they wandered from Egypt back to Israel, by way of the sandy Sinai Peninsula, during the time of the Biblical story of Exodus.

Of course, we are fortunate to have these wonderful little mobile tablet devices in the palm of our hands now … or even over the eyes of our face. So if you do ever take twelve tribes through to the true tabernacle trust test, be sure you take your spiffy internet devices … and a means to make fire and drinking water. The rest are details that you can communicate at any time … as long as you have battery power and a good signal to the network connection.

Full disclosure: Beyond being a punster with pens and computers, Yasha Harari has worked for a number of internet, media and political organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.