I’m sick and tired of people who think they’re saving Israel by telling the world (and themselves) that Jordan is Palestine.

Mistake number one:

  • Such a statement recognizes “Palestine” as a people deserving some land.


  • It recognizes that the land controlled by the Hashemites has a separate national, cultural and historic identity.

Both “Palestine” and “Jordan” are modern inventions by Europeans to prevent the establishment of a Jewish State in the land that had been mandated to Great Britain for a Jewish State.

All of the countries in this part of the middle east, except for Israel, and their borders are very modern.

21st century

Here’s an older one:

British Mandate, 1920--1948

Biblical Map

Biblical Map

Only Israel is historically connected to Ancient History. We are the same Jewish People, worshipping the same G-d, the same religion and culture all these thousands of years.