Jordan is not Palestine!

I’m sick and tired of people who think they’re saving Israel by telling the world (and themselves) that Jordan is Palestine.

Mistake number one:

  • Such a statement recognizes “Palestine” as a people deserving some land.


  • It recognizes that the land controlled by the Hashemites has a separate national, cultural and historic identity.

Both “Palestine” and “Jordan” are modern inventions by Europeans to prevent the establishment of a Jewish State in the land that had been mandated to Great Britain for a Jewish State.

All of the countries in this part of the middle east, except for Israel, and their borders are very modern.

21st century

Here’s an older one:

British Mandate, 1920--1948

Biblical Map

Biblical Map

Only Israel is historically connected to Ancient History. We are the same Jewish People, worshipping the same G-d, the same religion and culture all these thousands of years.

About the Author
Batya was born in the USA and raised in NY in a rather assimilated Jewish home. In high school, she discovered Torah Judaism in NCSY, Jewish activism in SSSJ, and Zionism in Betar. Her and her husband made aliyah after their wedding. They first lived in Jerusalem, and moved to Shiloh in 1981. There, she began writing for various publications and blogs. Batya is the initiator of Women's Rosh Chodesh Prayers at Tel Shiloh.