Years ago, snow surprised us, just like I didn’t know the sex of my babies until they were born.  Sometimes surprises are more fun.

And we survived the snow way back when.  Neighbors helped more.  We heated with kerosene heaters, which were fine, since ours homes were smaller, too.

Nobody got paid for snow alerts.  In recent years, a couple of times every winter, there are snow alerts.  Municipal workers and even tv journalists hang around waiting for the snow, just in case.  Most of the time, like that winning hand at cards, or jackpot lottery ticket, the snow doesn’t show.  At least it doesn’t show long enough to make a snowball. Though those “waiting workers” make good money, snow or no snow.

On Friday it snowed here in Shiloh.  By the time I had finished blogging about it the snow was gone.

Easy come and…

snowing outside

…easy go, no snow.

no more snow