Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom (AFP/Jonathan Nackstrand)

By The Daily Freier Staff

Last Updated 12/6/2015 at 6:20 PM

Tel Aviv: There’s a hot new app on the streets, and the people of Tel Aviv cannot get enough of it. Dubbed the “Mar-Go,” this application alerts you every time Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom makes a pronouncement that is inane, absurd, unfortunate, or just silly. The Daily Freier went out to get the word on the street.

“I don’t know how I lived without the Mar-Go” noted alert local, Ronit S. My phone has been beeping off the hook. I think she’s being interviewed at the Hague about the most the proportional way to deal with  somebody who is busy stabbing you with a butcher knife”.

The Mar-Go rocks” added Natan G., as his iPhone played a ringtone of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. “Except….the whole thing leaves me in the bizarre situation of wishing she was as tactful and diplomatic as… Avigdor Liberman

If you haven’t installed Mar-Go, you’re just missing out!” enthused Alon N. “Wait…. She’s starting a press conference on the ‘root causes’ of the European refugee crisis. Sorry,”  he said settling down with a Goldstar and a bowl of hummus on a park bench on Rothschild Boulevard, “but I need to watch this.”

The Mar-Go, available on iTunes and also at participating IKEA stores, ran into a bit of a problem this evening when Minister Wallstrom sat down with the BBC to discuss the Separation Fence, and the app crashed.