At breakfast meeting in Jerusalem in October, I sat with Jon Medved as he promised Texas Governor Rick Perry that he’d work to more closely align StartupNation with The Lone Star State.

Earlier this week, Jon made good on his word by coming to Dallas and Houston to share not only the story about the opportunity to invest in the best of Israel’s startup economy through his firm’s OurCrowd equity-based crowdfunding platform, but also share in news that one of the companies he brought with him would soon be announcing the opening of a U.S. office in Houston.

Israel’s Potential Impact on the Texas Economy

Beyond the opportunity to invest in Israel, Jon sees the potential economic impact of having more Israeli tech companies based and operating from Texas.

As reported by The Times of Israel, a recent study conducted by Stax for the New England Israel Business Council, showed that Israeli-founded companies In Massachusetts contributed $6B in revenue, representing 6,700 jobs to the state’s economy in 2012. This figure represented almost 3% of Massachusetts’ GDP.

When it comes to market opportunities in agriculture, water, energy, security and medtech, I believe that there is no other state in the U.S. that can even come close to where both Texas and Israel are heading into the future.

Texas has the natural resources, world class universities and financing in place let alone vast amounts of land and natural resources to create what’s next, and more closely align Texas and Israel’s collective ecosystems of innovation.

I’m looking to hear from those in Israel and Texas as a way to not only foster new business relationships between the State of Israel and the Lone Star State, but solve fundamental social problems, get us all to take better care of ourselves, and regardless of our religious beliefs, honor and further connect these two very special and holy regions of the world.

Leave a comment if you like.  Let’s dream, and see what could be possible.