At the Mamila Jeruslaem mall for tourists, you can find all types of Israeli stores, such as The North Face. You can also find HaGap.

Also at the Mamila mall. Not offensive when it is in Israel. Obviously this is a cigar shop. This way people know.

Adult Diaper shop. When you are stuck in downtown Jerusalem, with no public bathrooms, call 02-999-4535. After a good meal, sometimes all you need is a mature diaper. That is what I say. They even deliver to your restaurant. Sometimes that’s the only way you can enjoy a good shwarma.

Excited when I found this innovative option for relief

Me and Middle Eastern business man. I was a hard sale. He wanted to sell me the battery run shaver. I already have a shaver I don’t use. He did say, ‘I have a family,’ which is an excellent sales pitch (kind of like saying, ‘we both know this product sucks’). He grabbed me when I did not agree to buy it. He was rightfully angry, as he did spend a very long time bargaining himself down from 200 shekel to 8 shekel.