Food people gave me because they did not remember to put aside a package for me.

Food I have to finish before Pesach/Passover.
People gave me this stuff when I showed up at their door on Purim. None of it was made out to me. I feel bad that I got packages (Mishloach Manot) that were meant for the Cohens, Bar Levs and Patricks. If you like M&Ms we can share them.

Pesach Cleaning- 2012- NY (2)

I got every spray I could. My home shall be Pesadik
I got the shpritz that takes off dirt, the shpritz that takes off other dirt, and the shpritz that takes off dirt.
I also got the oven shpritz, which takes off grease and a layer of skin.
Warning: Do not eat these items, they are not food. (read the package and be safe)

Pesach Cleaning- 2012- NY (4)

The spray is in use
One inch at a time- No cleaning with paper towels. I have so much toilet paper I have to get rid of, from the 48 minimum pack I was forced to buy at the supermarket.

Pesach Cleaning- 2012- NY (3)

Pesach- Hands after over Spray-preApril 2012- NY

My hand, after I used the sprays
If you look close, you will notice scars and the lack of a top layer of skin on the swollen fingers, near the fingernails.

Pesach cleaning- 2013

Oh Yeah- I am ready
I got my broom and dustpan


The final step- Aluminum everywhere
Anything that is not covered is not good enough (Ron is my Mashgiach/kosher supervisor friend and he explained the importance of covering your home in aluminum foil)


If you cannot see, it is not Chametz
He said to cover everything


Yes! It is blinding and Pesadik!
My room is Kosher for Passover