santa claus delivering xmas gifts with israeli uav, 12/24/2013

Christians across the world are celebrating Christmas Eve tonight.

In churches, cathedrals and other places of worship, the faithful will attend the annual Christmas Mass, to commemorate the birth of Jesus, some two millennia ago.

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And at this time, young Christian children are eagerly awaiting the special delivery of their highly anticipated Christmas presents from Santa Claus.

Of course, Israel is not exactly known for their Christmas festivities. However, the small Jewish state is mindful of the so-called spirit of Christmas, and as such, is doing something special for the holiday.

That’s right, the Israeli Air Force, in cooperation with the famed hi-tech engineering talent of Silicon Wadi, is secretly assisting the NORAD Santa Tracker project this year, as it has done in years past, by providing technical, logistical and material support to Santa’s Workshop, including one very rare, Israeli-made, red-nosed drone. This latter feature was added as an honorable nod to Rudolph and his fellow reindeer, who are all enjoying a night off in the North Pole, while the next generation of delivery systems is deployed.

The decision for Israel to assist in the annual delivery of gifts to all of the nice Christian children was apparently made in secret at the highest levels of the Israeli government.

Of course, now that Santa’s journey is literally plastered all over the media, it was inevitable that Israel’s technological gifts would be revealed.

From all of us in Israel with a bit of mirth in our heart and merry making on our mind, to all of our Christian friends around the world celebrating this holiday, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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