Tuesday, at 9:40 in the morning, I was about to hit the road to get to a meeting at 10:00 AM, when I get a call about an injured person a few streets away from me. I immediately told the dispatcher that I am nearby and able to answer the call. I jumped into my car and within 90 seconds I arrived on scene. Upon my arrival, I saw the mayor of the city I live in standing together with a few soldiers, members of the Israeli Homefront (Pikud Ha’Oref) and a few city volunteers, and I was told it was all a drill. Over the last few days there have been several nationwide safety drills going on and the municipality of my city (for those who want to know: Givat Shmuel) wanted to check the response time for medical emergencies. Without giving any prior warning to make sure the medical responders were prepared, they wanted to see how quickly injured people are helped. They were impressed with my speedy response and our professionalism throughout the whole drill.

I am proud to be part of this very important organisation whose mission is saving lives. United Hatzalah is always pushing the vision of being able to respond to every medical emergency call across the country within 90 seconds. Our key invention to reaching this goal is the Ambucycle. With the Ambucycle we can zip through traffic and get to places much faster with the help of built-in sirens and lights. Parking spots are immeasurably easier to find than in cars, so we can simply hop off the motorbike and start providing medical assistance immediately.

Help us reach the vision of reaching medical emergencies in under 90 seconds by donating to the Ambucycle Fund and help pay for one more ambucycle on the streets of Israel. We are only $5217 away from the total of $26,000! You can click here for direct & secure donations.

Several websites and radios wrote about this experience: GabashnikRadio Kol Chai and my wife.


In the past, I have written about “The Challenges of being an EMT in Israel“.