As the ‘Spark-Up Nation’ continues to grow as an emerging leader in cannabis cultivation, a backdrop of hostility in the international arena continues to worsen. A unique opportunity therefore arises in the annual Cannabis Cup.

Every year, cannabis cultivators from around the world enter their strains into the Cannabis Cup — the world’s foremost cannabis festival. While winning strains are judged along diverse criteria, one thing remains consistent: catchy names.

Sticky Icky, Haze, Pineapple Express, White Widow, Cheese, Northern Lights, AK-47, Grape Ape and Afghani Kush are just some of the names given to the world’s most popular strains.

It is only a matter of time before Israel has representation at the Cannabis Cup. When that day comes, we must be prepared with strain names that will not only endure, but will carry with them a part of Israel’s story.

What follows is a list of candidates for Israeli entrances at the Cannabis Cup.

Chareidi Cheese – A harsher derivative of the incredibly popular “Cheese” strain. As potent as the father of 16 children, its users consistently report being “as stoned as an immodestly-dressed woman in an ultra-religious neighborhood.”

Haaretz Hash – Inspired by the Haaretz newspaper and its slogan “לאנשים חושבים” (“for thinking people”), this Sativa promises an exaggerated cerebral experience with intermittent moments of haughtiness. For those that don’t only want to feel high, but mighty too.

Settlement Skunk – A very lethargic and lazy body high. You’ll want to just sit down and relax, regardless of your surroundings. You’ll forget about the problems around you and feel a deep rustic connection to the earth. Not recommended to mix with Haaretz Hash.

Abbas Orange – Will get you so blazed, you’ll lose your concept of time. If smoked consistently, 12 years will feel like 4. This strain is recommended for seasoned tokers only.

The Green Line – A controversial strain, with many mixed reviews. It’s hard to define exactly where this strain lies on the Indica/Sativa spectrum, but it promises to be one of the most talked about entrances at the cup.

M-16 – Similar to the popular AK 47 strain, but smoother and more suitable for rainy days.

Kush Etziyon – in the world of competitive cannabis, The Kush strain stands out as one that has been experimentally bred the most. While it appears tranquil at first, don’t be fooled: This high is far from calm. It’s a sure creeper, with many reports of feeling sober enough to drive, followed by suddenly getting dangerously stoned.

Herzog Hash – Although not very popular in Israel, this somewhat impotent indica was thought necessary to include, just for the sake of variety. It’s a mere formality, and has no realistic expectation of winning.

Hermon Haze – The Haze strain has become synonymous with the Cannabis Cup. Since Israeli cultivators envisioned making people “higher than the Golan,” it is no wonder that this plant boasts the highest THC-count of all its competitors.