I keep meeting more and more music related startups here in Israel.

And I mean a lot to me.

It’s been one of the most delightful surprises of this adventure for the Rackspace Startups Program.

And it makes sense.

I have this other thing that I have always believed in, but could never wholly articulate: and that was that music is just code.

But now, we have all these coders building companies here – and yes, it’s just about music, but manifested in a different way.

Last March, I went on a road trip to discover the Mississippi Blues Trail, with the highlight being a visit to Robert Johnson‘s graveside.

Robert Johnson - Story Teller.  Blues Singer.  Coder.

Robert Johnson – Story Teller. Blues Singer. Coder.

Lots of the stuff I grew up on came from he and his compadres in the Mississippi Delta.

So I’ll take this idea one step further – and my belief is that this whole thing that is here that goes beyond Startup Nation.

Maybe Israel is the next Blues Trail… you know – not of music per se, but the digital infrastructure on which all this runs on and more importantly discovered, shared, and brings us all together.

More to come on this. I am just getting started.

Rock On. Ya’ll.

From the Promised Land.