Success. Some people are scared of it, not because of the gruelling effort it takes to achieve it but because once the feeling overwhelms you, it is momentary. To strive and fight for what you believe in is not half as hard as coming to grip that what you achieved will not matter as much with each passing day.

Yet, the question that we often ask ourselves is: what is success?

Happiness. It is seeing the fruits of one’s labour become a reality after working even when you are about to crash. Whether you are a writer who is up at 4 am to finish a book, or a businessman in search for more clients the truth is that success feels good.

If we succeed why is it looked down upon? Why are we suppose to put it away like it is something to be ashamed of just so we don’t hurt other’s feelings? Mind you, I am not talking about bragging. No. Today, any mention of a getting into a good university, or getting a pay raise is considered somehow a bad thing because most people just can’t cut it. It hurts people’s emotions to realize that someone, somewhere, somehow is succeeding.

I am tired of people putting it down, almost as if working harder and with greater determination than most is a flaw that should be looked down upon. This is the case in a day and age when school children all receive medals and all get first place. Mediocrity much?

Everyone is constantly trying to level the playing field so that everyone gets a chance. Everyone wins today, so no one’ feelings are hurt. Well I’ll tell you failing, and I mean really failing at something is what determination is made of. And better yet, when I hear people talking about their success it only makes me more determined.

How do you think new technology is developed, and how have the greatest advancements in human history come to be? Competition. But also the need for pure, unbridled and as some may say vulgar success.

If everyone wins, then there is no reason to get better, to improve and grow. Imagine actually living in the world we are heading towards. What would be the point of getting out of bed anyway, if we were all winners?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I revel in it.