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Today is Your Day – Happy Birth Day!!!

Life is like a fairy tale, what’s important: not the length, but its quality and depth.

Imale, I’ve started writing these birthday greetings right after the last Shabbos in the month of Adar, a month of Purim, a month of additional Happiness, a month of hidden symbols and untold stories.

Unlike, in the story of Chanukah which talks about the destruction of the Temple and spiritual deprivation in a more supernatural and transcendent way. Purim story talks about physical eradication plan for the entire Jewish People designed by vicious Haman.

Hadassah, known as Esther according to her Hebrew name, is an orphan Jewish girl, niece of Mordechai, a prominent member of Sanhedrin, a group of Jewish scholars and prophets, limited to only seventy inner circle participants, soon to become his wife and a Savior of the entire Jewish Nation.

It is not the first time through our history that Jewish woman, with her divine virtues and refined qualities, is capable to transform evil providence and to develop new superior reality.

In Jewish tradition woman is by far more spiritual in her connection to Hashem where she enjoys a superior relationship with more honor and dignity over man and we can see such testimony daily.

Shabbat Boston

From preparing Kosher food, baking Challahs and lighting Shabbos candles, to grooming and educating children with fundamental Jewish values and building core Jewish identity, thus being fully in charge of the day-to-day activities by gracefully orchestrating invisible directions of the house operations.

In traditional Synagogue architecture, women positioned and pray above men, usually, on the U-shape balcony, surrounding Aron Kodesh, uniting all qualities ranging from Gevurah to Chessed, genuinely incorporating all merits in between with internal feminine tranquility. Women quietly supervise and observe men from atop, from one level above, closer to Hashem, their sincere deliberate prayers and thoughts reach eternal source directly and much faster.

Unlike the man who has an obligation to read Torah, wrap Tefillin, wear Tzizit to be constantly reminded about commandments and mitzvot, the woman retains all those merits within her DNA structure, within her divine Bina qualities.

Imale, You would always teach me these eternal Life principles and consistently remind these unbroken dogmas:

Life is a chance so grab it.
Life is a beauty so admire it.
Life is a dream so chase it.
Life is a challenge so face it.
Life is a duty so fulfill it.
Life is a game so play it.
Life is precious so save it.
Life is a wealth so accumulate it.
Life is Love so give it.
Life is a mystery so expose it.
Life is a promise so make it.
Life is a sorrow so overcome it.
Life is an adventure so dare it.
Life is a struggle so accept it.
Life is happiness so deserve it.
Life is life so be hungry and live it fully.

Life is what you make of it, not what you think of it, not even what others persuade you to believe in. While happiness is a delicate balance between who you truly are and what have you achieved in your Life. Imale, this song “Here’s to Life” performed by Barbra Streisand is for you, for you have taught me, that: “all you give is all you get, so give it all you’ve got”.

Mama, only thirty years ago you gave me this beautiful gift of Life, the most precious virtue in this physical world. It is midnight right now and we are driving together on the eternal highway of our lives, you are asleep, you are sitting next to me or, rather, I am sitting next to you. Quietly, in my mind, I’m finishing typing your birthday letter, because, it is truly your Birth Day, you gave the Birth, and you are to be celebrated, not me. You are the Giver and I’m the Taker.


I took your Life with Fire, with Ardor, zealously grasping each Day, each Smile, each Moment, living it fully, exactly, the way you taught me and the way you raised me. My thoughts are hectic, running back and forth through my chaotic upbringing and flamboyant lifestyle. Suddenly, you are awake; roads are quite bumpy here on the East Coast. You smile, looking towards me, so kindly, so gently, so benevolently, so motherly, those little wrinkles around your eyes and your serene look bring childhood memories. Sorry for all those sleepless nights I’ve brought to you, sorry for all the gray hair I’ve caused to you and sorry for all the troubles I’ve passed on to you.


Ima, thank you for the day you’ve chosen for my Birth, Yud Chet Nissan, is one of the most sophisticated in the Jewish calendar. According to the Jewish mysticism: Chet represents Life and its numeric value is 8, since both חיה and חיימ begin with ח, also, both words חָכמָה (wisdom) and חֵן (grace) are represented by Chet. Looking further into gematria value of ח, which is comprised of two letters ו (Vav) and ז (Zayin), totaling 13, matching numeric values of אֶחָד (one) and אַהֲבָה (love), thus, developing infinite unity of Love. Though, Yud is the smallest Hebrew letter, representing a divine point of energy and its essence through the humility of its size to demonstrate its glory and power. 10 is a very symbolic number in a Jewish culture, 10 men constitute a minyan, 10 Commandments were given to Moses, 10 plagues were delivered prior to the Exodus from Egypt, moreover, there are 10 Sefirot, Kabbalistic forces behind the Universe connecting metaphysical eternal source to this material realm.

18th of Nissan also commemorates the birthday of the Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, father of the Lubavitcher Rebbe; Rebbe’s Brit, the day when He have entered into an eternal covenant with our Patriarch Abraham, marking the beginning of life, coincide with my Birth.

Yud Chet Nissan is also the fourth day of Pesach, the day when Pharaoh finally realized that Jews are not coming back to Egypt, but rather going towards their pursuit of Freedom and Liberation. The third count of Omer, Tifferet shebe Chessed, reveals compassion and harmony into loving-kindness, is part of my DNA character.

According to the Chabad teachings: “Harmony in love is one that blends both the Chessed and Gevurah aspects of love. Love is often given with the expectation of receiving love in return. Compassionate love is given freely; expects nothing in return ― even when the other doesn’t deserve love. ­­There is love and there is beautiful love. True love includes empathy and compassion, which makes it a beautiful love. Love is often fostered in expectation of reciprocity. Real love is expressed even when one gets nothing in return.”

As we all know, that there is nothing more eternal than Hashem and unconditional Love in this Life.

Dear Ima, Yevarecheha Adonai ve Ishmereha.

May G-d Bless and Guard You, Мама.

Today is truly Your Day.

Thank you, אמא!

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