10 cool things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the “City that never sleep” and as such there is always something cool to do here.

Allow me to suggest 10 cool things to do in Tel Aviv during May and June:

1. Docaviv Film Festival
The 16th Docaviv International Film Festival will take place on May 8-17, 2014 at Tel Aviv Cinematheque and other locations around the city.
Docaviv is one of the Important and valued documentary film events around the world. During the festival’s 10 days, more than 80 movies will be presented, alongside many discussions and academic conferences on the local film industry.
Find more information at the official site here.

2. Visit Jaffa’s Flea MarketFleaMarketTour.jpg
Located next to the old city of Jaffa, this small alleys marketplace is open for more than a 100 years. You can find here great bargains as well as fake antiques and tourist traps. So think twice before you buy anything and consider going there with a local guide.
The market is open Sunday through Thursday, morning through evening and Fridays till early noon.

3. Ariel Sharon Park
Ariel Sharon Park is a great example of environmental restoration. The heart of the park is “hiria mountain” which is a man made mountain, created from many years of dumping Tel Aviv’s garbage at this location…
Today, after the foundation of the park, the place is a green lung with 25 kilometers of bicycle roads, rich biodiversity of birds and organized tours about the origin of this place and the way it was reconstructed.

4. Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade
Held on June 13th, Tel Aviv pride parade is the highlight of a week long series of events that celebrate the LGBT community life in Tel Aviv. More than 100,000 people are expected to participate in this extraordinary blend of colors, music and costumes that is definitely going to be  the biggest beach party in Tel Aviv.

5. Levinski Market
Although less known and organized compared to his “big brother” – Hacarmel Market, Levinski Food Market is a fascinating place.This group of shops spread along the Levinski street, makes one remember the old style Tel Aviv. Just stroll along the various offering, smell the different scents and make sure to grab a bite here and then…
The market is open Sunday through Thursday, morning through evening and Fridays till early noon.

6. Tel Aviv Drum CircleTLV Drum Circle.jpg
Friday sunset drum circle behind the Dolphinarium is a wonderful happening.
Bring a drum along or just show up with beer or wine and listen/dance to the rhythms as the sun goes down.

7. Explore the depths of Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station
If you are “brave” enough and like alternative theater you will enjoy this “trip” from the Central Station 7th floor to the Station’s lower levels where you will meet colorful characters and stories brilliantly performed by the “Mystery Theater” actors.


8. Take a boat Trip from Jaffa’s port
There is nothing like a romantic cruise along the shore of Tel Aviv.
Take a look at the beautiful white urban city from the sea perspective: observe the white Bauhaus buildings mixed with the shiny skyscrapers. Listen to the rustic old buildings tell their story of the city, but mostly: lay back and relax 🙂

9. Approach random people
Tel-Avivans are warm people. Most of them will be more than happy to assist a tourist and answer questions. Try to approach random people on the street and ask them what is their favorite restaurant or coffee place, what are their plans for the night. If they seem nice, you may even try and ask if you can join them…
Remember: Live the city, don’t just visit it!

10. Go to Justin Timberlake’s Concert
Save the date: May 28th.
As part of his multinational 20/20 Experience World Tour. Justin Timberlake will give a 90 minutes concert in Park Hayarkon.

See you in Tel Aviv!

About the Author
Giora is an experienced entrepreneur in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. Currently serving as the CEO of Localyoo, which is a new online marketplace connecting tourists with local experts, enabling travelers to book tips, itineraries and experiences from a variety of qualified locals. Giora is also a Tel-Avivian by heart and soul ;-)